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    The American Diet – Killing Us Slowly But Surely

    Junk food is killing us!

    The United States is experiencing a crisis of biblical proportions. It is effecting over 90% of its population yet the vast majority of us are completely unaware of its existence. The crisis? Severe malnutrition. Yes, in the richest country on the planet with an abundance of food available, nearly every one of its citizens is starving to death nutritionally. The reason? Ignorance. Yes, in a country as technologically, intellectually and socially advanced as ours, very few people including the so-called experts have even the slightest understanding of basic nutrition or its relationship to the health of the human body. So how could we, as a nation, be starving when nearly three quarters of the population is defined as being overweight or obese? Very simply, it is not how much we are eating but what we are eating. A person can literally gorge themselves into a stupor the entire day and not have consumed enough nutrition to successful complete just one push-up or sit-up without placing extreme stress on their body.

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    Nutrition and Dieting Mistakes: Fruit Juice

    Processed Fruit Juice

    Commercially processed orange juice, not from concentrate, fortified with calcium and vitamin D is supposedly a healthy, weight loss-promoting drink – as good as a raw orange and maybe even better, they say. It sounds fresh, when it’s anything but, as if it had just been squeezed from an orange. While 100% orange juice must, by law, contain 100% juice with no cutters (such as water) there is still room for enhancing the flavor of this 100% fruit juice.

    The actual process begins with fumigated, pesticide harboring, unripe oranges that are mechanically juiced on a large, industrial scale. After the oranges are processed, the juice is flash pasteurized, a method of heating perishable beverages at a very high temperature for a short time. Then it is drained into large vats where the oxygen is removed from the juice to preserve freshness, but this process also reduces flavor, so artificial flavoring is added to the orange juice. This flavoring process determines the varying flavors of commercial orange juice, depending on its brand. Each brand has its own, unique flavoring they add to the juice.

    If it’s a fortified juice, orange juice in this example, synthetic vitamin D and calcium are added to the juice to make it more nutritious. For anyone who thinks synthetic vitamins are safe and even healthy they should be prepared to ingest petroleum and tar. Synthetically produced vitamins and minerals are chemical compounds not found in nature, with ingredients that include coal tar derivatives, petroleum, talc, artificial dyes, sodium benzoate, silicon, titanium dioxide and many more. Then a preservative is added to the fruit juice before finally ending up in a package with a fresh, whole orange on the label.

    Making juice at home is the healthiest and safest way to enjoy fruity drinks. Though much of the fiber is wasted in the process (unless broken down in a blender) juicing at home preserves the fruits’ digestive enzymes, micronutrients and phytonutrients that are subject to reduction or elimination when heated, flash frozen or irradiated.

    by Jim Backus
    Back to Eden Fitness