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Product Description

Quantum Nutrition Labs all natural, beyond organic health supplements

Quantum Nutrition Labs‘ Detox-PG, formulated by Dr. Bob Marshall, is a raw, beyond organic, live-source, whole food supplement containing Ayurvedic grade 10 ingredients which provides maximum efficacy and nutritional potency. Quantum Detox-PG is an extraordinary, nutrient dense product that really works!  For detailed information regarding Quantum Nutrition Labs‘ superior ingredients, quality control testing procedures and unique manufacturing processes, please click here.

The most chronic health issues may not be the failure of the immune system, but a conscious adaptation of the immune system to the serious burden of heavy metal and chemical contaminants we have bio-accumulated. This means the most important thing we can all do is to undergo thorough detoxification procedures to eliminate these contaminants. Almost every person on earth today has been exposed to enormous levels of toxic heavy metals. Dental fillings (amalgams) in your mouth contain, among other heavy metals, over 50% mercury. Other exposures include eating fish, eating foods grown in smoggy areas, living in a city with smog, living in an industrial area, using commercial body care products, using cleaning products, breathing secondhand smoke, being vaccinated and others. This can stress the body continuously while adding to higher toxicity levels within the body. The urgent answer is to detoxify the body from these heavy metals before more bioaccumulation and stagnation of the body’s meridian system occur. Detox-PG provides a safe, effective and proven method to support the clearance of toxic heavy metals including mercury, cadmium, lead and others as well as pesticide, herbicide, PCBs and other toxic residues. Quantum Detox-PG contains nanized enzymes, complex cell wall lysates and ferments from 12 strains of beneficial bacteria: Lactobacillus species, Bifidobacterium species, Enterococcus species and streptococcus thermophilus, which provide naturally occurring vitamins (10 types including B complex), minerals (8 types), amino acids (18 types), superoxide dismutase, lipoic acid, organic acids (includes acetic and formic acids) and lipopolysaccharide glycopeptide complexes.  Additional Quantum Detox-PG Information

Quantum Detox-PG Ingredients

IngredientsAmt. Per Serving
  Proprietary Blend2.5 ml
Nanized Grade A Chlorella 
Bifidobacterium Species 
Enterococcus Species 
Lactobacillus Species 
Recommended Daily Dosage:  Adults or children (age 4 and up) Take ½ teaspoon mixed in water or juice, 2 times daily. For special programs recommended by a healthcare professional, up to 6 individual servings may be taken daily.
Other Quantum Detox-PG Ingredients:  Certified organic grain neutral spirits of 20% as a preservative.
The Nanized Process:  All ingredients in Quantum Detox-PG are micro-digested into extremely small particles during a proprietary fermentation process using unique multi-strain probiotic colonies to allow rapid delivery into the cells.  Since nanized phytonutrients are extremely easy to absorb, even those with poor digestion can reap the full benefit.  This formula is preserved with premium grade, certified organic alcohol.
Why Organic Alcohol:  Top grade, organic alcohol is nature’s perfect preservative.  Its indigenous vasodilative properties function as a perfect transporter of nanized phytonutrients into the blood to deliver almost immediate uptake.  For centuries, Oriental Medicine has known that nutrients preserved in alcohol directly target the liver, getting a faster, deeper response than when no alcohol is used.  The organic alcohol used in Quantum Detox-PG is superior to others that contain pesticide and heavy metal residues not detected via lab testing.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Optimum Nutrition and Quantum Nutrition Labs recommend consulting a physician before taking any nutritional supplements.

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