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Quantum Nutrition Labs‘ Coral Calcium 2 oz. powder, formulated by Dr. Bob Marshall, is a raw, beyond organic, live-source, whole food supplement containing Ayurvedic grade 10 ingredients which provides maximum efficacy and nutritional potency. Quantum Coral Calcium 8 oz. powder is an extraordinary, nutrient dense product that really works!  For detailed information regarding Quantum Nutrition Labs‘ superior ingredients, quality control testing procedures and unique manufacturing processes, please click here.

Quantum Coral Calcium Powder helps support and maintain an ideal pH between 6.4 – 7.0.  There are many forms of coral calcium. Quantum Coral Calcium Powder is from unheated, above-sea coral that has a balanced ratio of calcium to magnesium that is naturally ionized.  Inferior types of coral are not able to move or maintain an ideal pH.  As the ionized minerals in Quantum Coral Calcium Powder begin to be easily absorbed into the body, people are amazed at the quick results, as many chronic symptoms begin to melt away.  Once the body becomes alkaline, its entire metabolism can return to normal.  Too many people buy minerals without understanding the effect these minerals, especially colloidal minerals, can have on the body.  Colloidal mineral products typically contain only trace amounts of calcium and magnesium.  Loading up on lots of trace minerals without enough macro minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) can eventually throw your mineral balance into chaos, often leaving you worse off than when you started.  You must have minerals in their proper ratios.  Farmers know that if their soil does not contain 70 to 80% calcium and magnesium then adding trace minerals can so severely imbalance the soil that it will KILL the crop!  Interestingly, your body needs about the same mineral ratios as crops to grow well and thrive.

Coral Calcium Powder Benefits
  • Ideal whole body support including bone, joint and pH.
  • 100% pure fossilized coral powder (no fillers) delivering highly ionized calcium, magnesium (perfect 2 to 1 ratio) and trace minerals, including potassium, zinc, iodine and copper.
  • Fossilized coral powder delivers what other minerals cannot: an alkaline pH.
Unique Coral Minerals
  • The best ionized minerals ever found on earth, 100% pure coral powder composed of highly ionized calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.
  • Helps promote an optimal tissue pH fast, most other forms of minerals work too slowly or not at all.
  • Contains up to 92% highly ionized minerals, most other minerals contain no ionized minerals.
  • All forms of calcium must be ionized via your digestion before they can be absorbed.
  • Since coral minerals are already highly ionized, they are easily absorbed (even by the elderly and those with poor digestion).
The 115 Year-Old Man

In 1979, a British journalist went to Japan to interview one of the oldest documented living people in the world, Mr. Izumi.  He was a sprightly 115 year-old man in amazingly good health who lived on an island off the coast of Japan.  He appeared healthy, active and alert.  Most of the other inhabitants on the island were also in great health and seldom died before age 95!

What Was Their Secret Of Youth?

Researchers found the water the islanders drank was uniquely different.  It contained ionized minerals leached from coral on which the island was formed.  These unique minerals made the water highly alkaline.  When drunk, it helped the body keep a superior acid/alkaline balance.  The highly mineralized "coral" water was found to be chemically very similar to essential elements found in the human skeleton, body fluids, blood and amniotic fluid.  Incredibly, the researchers also discovered that the "coral water" could neutralize internal waste products and heavy metals.

The Calcium Factor

The body must reduce any form of calcium into its ionized form in order to use it.  Since up to 92% of the calcium in Quantum Coral Calcium Powder is already ionized, the body can use the calcium immediately without having to break it down.  This is great news for the elderly and those with poor digestion.  A key role of ionized calcium is to neutralize acidic compounds anywhere in the body, before damage takes place.  Ionized calcium is critical in order to help promote cleansing.   Even a great herbal detox will not work very well without ionized calcium.

The Gateway Factor

Quantum Nutrition Labs calls Quantum Coral Calcium Powder the "gateway factor" because as it begins to promote the proper acid/alkaline balance in the body, it can also potentiate (like a "gateway") the uptake of other nutrients as found in food or supplements.  Once the acid/alkaline balance moves back into a more optimal range, nutrients are more accessible and uptake is greater.

Up To 10 To 20 Times More Oxygen

In an alkaline environment, you have abundant oxygen.  As the pH of the urine drops, less and less oxygen is available to the tissues.  Small changes of 1/10 to 2/10 in pH can mean 10 to 20 times more oxygen availability.  Ionized calcium is the key mineral to help keep the pH near ideal.

Real Life Stories with Coral Minerals

Athletic Super Boost - All athletes want to enhance their training so they can delay the muscle burn from lactic acid buildup.  When the muscle burn comes on, the energy decays fast and their ability to perform drops.  One Triathlon coach gives coral minerals to his trainees.  He says that it delays muscle burn and when it does come on, it is less intense.  It improves performance and endurance.  He feels that this is a revolutionary product for athletes internationally.

Degenerating Discs – A middle-aged woman had degenerating discs in her neck for over 10 years.  She had excruciating pain every day for which she had to take large doses of Motrin 3 or 4 times per day.  In the afternoon, she had to lie down for a few hours.  In 3 weeks on the coral minerals, she was able to discontinue her pain medication.  She feels she has a new life.

Painful Feet - A man in his mid 70′s had adult onset diabetes.  His toes became numb, his feet hurt and had sores that would not go away.  He had no feeling in his left foot for over a year.  After taking the coral minerals, his right foot began to itch and become warm, then the left foot began to do the same.  Gradually, his feet became warm so he did not have to sleep in heavy socks.  After 3 months on the coral minerals, his blood sugar levels became normal.  He found he no longer needed insulin injections.

Difficulty Walking – One woman had arthritis for over 20 years.  It became difficult for her to walk.  The pain got worse and worse until she could not work.  After only 2 weeks on the coral minerals, she felt less pain. Later, she could start shopping again and go places.  She praised the coral minerals that gave her a sense of well being again.

Low Back Pain – A very large body-builder was experiencing fatigue and low back pain. After taking his first dose of coral minerals, he felt the pain diminish. After a second dose a few minutes later, his back pain completely disappeared, much to his amazement.

Feeling Cold – One middle-aged lady with a poor metabolism said she always had a tendency to feel cold.  She was amazed after her first drink of coral minerals, when a few minutes later, she felt her body turn pleasantly warm.  She sat by an open window all day, enjoying the cool breeze for the first time in years.  A few days later, still taking the coral minerals, she said she could feel her head and gums heat up for several hours, helping to clear a long-standing dental infection.

Osteoporotic Legs - One lady with osteoporosis for 12 years had pain in her legs and could hardly walk.  After 4 weeks on the coral minerals, she became pain-free.  One day she spontaneously walked up the stairs, then realized that she was pain-free.  She no longer takes medication.  The grinding and popping sounds in her knees are gone.

High Blood Pressure - One older lady took medication for her high blood pressure.  She wanted to get off the medication because of its harmful side effects.  After taking the coral minerals, her blood pressure slowly lowered until it is now normal without medication.  She is thrilled.

Painful Knees – An avid tennis player could no longer play tennis because of excruciating pain in his knee due to osteoarthritis.  After taking the coral minerals for several months, he can now golf and play tennis again.

Stiff Back – One man is his 50′s had a stiff low back, related to impaired kidney function.  After taking coral minerals for a few days, he experienced great relief of his back stiffness.  Then he had a dramatic detoxification, with chills and fever, lasting one day, after which his low back stiffness was significantly relieved.  The right kidney which had been acting up, also became stronger in function.

Fibromyalgia – One female had fibromyalgia for over 5 years, with severe pain in her neck all the way to her low back.  After taking the coral minerals for almost a week, she was amazed to find the pain was completely relieved.  She no longer needs injections or painkillers.*

Quantum Coral Calcium Powder Ingredients

IngredientsAmt. Per Serving
Above-sea coral minerals1.3 grams
Recommended Daily Dosage:  Take ΒΌ teaspoon of Quantum Coral Calcium Powder mixed in water or other liquid 1 – 2 times per day.
Other Quantum Coral Calcium Powder Ingredients:  None
Toxin Free:  Quantum Nutrition Labs’ vegetable capsules are 100% solvent-free, excipient-free vegetable capsules.  No magnesium stearate (a toxic excipient), corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, binders, glues or other toxic ingredients as found in tablets and gelatin capsules.
Violite Protected:  Quantum Nutrition Labs’ patent-pending dark violet-colored, nontoxic plastic bottle is engineered to block light between 450-720 nm – the range at which damage to nutrients occurs.  The contents of Quantum Coral Calcium Powder are nitrogen flushed to protect freshness and prevent oxidation.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Optimum Nutrition and Quantum Nutrition Labs recommend consulting a physician before taking any nutritional supplements.

Customer Reviews

  1. We welcome all reviews of Quantum Coral Calcium or Quantum Nutrition Labs’ supplements in general.

  2. This is an amazing product. My energy levels went through the roof after taking it. People at work at actually thought I was on coke. After a while, the change isn’t as noticeable because you begin to adjust to feeling good but I’ll never go a day without taking my Coral Calcium.

  3. I’ve heard that coral calcium is recommended for lowering the blood’s PH. This is because as we age, our blood’s PH gets higher, leading to many of the diseases encountered in our later years. This particular supplier of above-sea coral is reportedly the most environmentally friendly producer. So I bought it. It is packaged well and seems to be a good value.

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