• Quantum Gallbladder Support Information

    Quantum Gallbladder Support created by Dr. Bob Marshall and Quantum Nutrition Labs

    Quantum Gallbladder Support Ingredients & Benefits

    Citrus Aurantium, the essential oil of the Seville orange, is well known for supporting the liver and gallbladder by enhancing digestion and metabolism.  It promotes better absorption of fats, resulting in healthy weight management.

    Reishi is a specially fermented mycelial mushroom extract, which helps the liver accelerate its clearance of chemical toxins from the body, detoxifying the body faster.  This helps the liver produce bile and fatty acid synthesis more efficiently.  Reishi is the ultimate herb to promote Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification.  It contains ganodosterone, a special factor that helps to boost and protect the liver.  Reishi can also help dramatically boost the body’s ability to build and rejuvenate liver function.

    Turmeric helps promote healthy liver and gallbladder functioning, including biochemically balanced bile.  Turmeric helps prevent the build-up of toxins in the liver and gallbladder.  Special alkaloids in turmeric, called curcuminoids, offer extraordinary cleansing and rejuvenating properties, promoting healthy bile production and blood lipid metabolism.

    Beet is a key vegetable that helps promote healthy liver and gallbladder function and assists in cleansing the blood.  Its broad-spectrum nutritional profile helps build healthy bile.

    Chlorella supports the liver and immune system.  Its high concentration of chlorophyll promotes blood cleansing and detoxification.*