• Quantum CoQ-10 Information

    Quantum CoQ-10 created by Dr. Bob Marshall and Quantum Nutrition Labs

    Quantum CoQ-10 contains the best of the best, beyond organic ingredients for the most comprehensive supplement available on the market today.

    A Nutritional Insurance Plan

    CoQ-10 can help correct deficiencies that come with age, particularly related to your heart, brain, liver, blood, and immune system. Extensive research shows that CoQ-10 may help to enhance your general resistance to many chronic diseases.

    What Is CoQ-lO?

    CoQ-10, or coenzyme Q-10, is also called ubiquinol-10 or vitamin Q. CoQ-10 is a potent antioxidant which helps to protect your body from the formation of harmful free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of chemical toxins, some of which are the result of your body’s internal chemical reactions. Free radicals can damage your cells and impair your immune system which can then lead to chronic infections and many forms of degenerative disease. Damaging free radicals can form from exposure to chemicals, pesticides, toxins, radiation, and toxic substances.

    How Does CoQ-lO Protect Us?

    CoQ-10, a powerful antioxidant, protects fat molecules from becoming oxidized or infused with harmful free radicals which can go on rampages, irreparably damaging cells. CoQ-10 helps to stabilize the cell membrane, keeping the cell alive to avoid an early cell death. When the cell membrane is torn or ruptured (often from free radicals), the cell often dies prematurely. CoQ-10 can help to prevent this. Perhaps CoQ-10′s greatest talents are used in the mitochondria, the tiny energy factories inside the cells, where oxygen in burned to give the cells energy to carry out their many duties. CoQ-10 is often called the “Spark of Life” that starts the mitochon-drial engines, without which the cell would cease to exist.

    Stop Aging Now

    Aging accelerates in direct proportion to the amount of free radical damage done to the mitochondrial power stations. Such damage can shut down the cell’s power supplies by as much as 80%. These power shortages can drastically weaken the functioning of the heart, liver, brain, and other organs. As the energy supply grows weak, the bio-electricity to conduct life activities can diminish, like a light bulb barely glowing. Restocking your body’s supply of CoQ-10 can help dead-stop this process.