Why You SHOULD Be Afraid Of Dentists

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Dentists can cause more problems than they solve.

Traditional dentistry and the accepted “standard of care” practices are simply primitive and are, at least in part, responsible for many chronic illnesses and degenerative diseases.  Most dentists are still using the same toxic metal amalgams that have been used since the 1800′s.  The poisonous metals found in dental fixtures (fillings, onlays, inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, braces) include mercury, silver, gold, copper, tin, zinc, nickel, titanium, palladium, cadmium and chromium.  These metals are partly or wholly responsible for many neurological disorders and cardiovascular problems.  They can cause seizures, spasms, chronic infections, nerve damage and allergies.  Metal amalgams also disrupt the energy systems (meridians) of the body.  The dentists who have finally realized that they are killing their patients with heavy metals now use resin composites, which are a blend of petroleum based plastic compounds.  These composites, while not as dangerous as metal amalgams, still outgas toxins into the body and are less durable.  Using either of these materials (metal or composites) is a travesty because dentists could, and should, be using porcelain which is very durable and perfectly biocompatible.  Most dentists will not use porcelain for restorations because it requires more effort and expertise to install and it is more expensive.

Dentists are also responsible for many instances of life-long chronic pain.  The primary focus of cosmetic dentistry is the alignment of the teeth to achieve a more appealing appearance, with little or no consideration given to a properly balanced bite.  As the teeth are moved and straightened, a person’s bite may be adversely affected leading to serious musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain.  Imbalances in either the maxillae and/or occlusal alignment has the potential for causing structural instability throughout the skeletal system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, muscular system, ligamentous system, facial system and functional imbalance of the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems.  Resulting occlusal cranial interferences can manifest as face, neck, shoulder, and/or back pain, migraine headaches, misalignment or curvature of the spine and pronation of the feet.  These imbalances can be congenital; however, they are more frequently caused by poor dentistry – particularly orthodontics.  For additional information regarding occulsal cranial balancing, go to www.dentalwholebodyconnection.com.

Another growing problem is the existence of prions on dental equipment and instruments.  Unsuspecting dental patients are being infected by prions that are present on equipment and instruments that had been used on previous patients who were already infected.  Current sterilization protocols are completely ineffective as these molecules can only be eliminated by exposure to temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius (1,472º F).  At 800°C, the equipment would melt before the priors are actually destroyed.  Once in the body, prions replicate by inducing normal molecules to refold into the pathological form.  Prions can severely damage any organ or tissue in the body although they have a particular affinity for neural cells.  Prions cause brain damage and dementia with initial symptoms consisting of confusion, memory loss, diminished motor skills and loss of balance.  Left untreated, these deformed molecules are usually fatal.

Regardless of how advanced our technology becomes, nothing will ever be able to replace natural teeth.  Anything a dentist does to restore a tooth will be inferior to its original pristine state, including biocompatible materials.  Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the health of your teeth to the best of your ability.  Unfortunately, it is inevitable that we all will have to enlist the services of a dentist.  However, we can minimize the number of visits, the cost per visit and the long-term damage that results from dental work.  An all raw diet is the single best way to avoid dental work and even routine cleanings.  In fact, if an all raw diet has been maintained for an entire life time, beginning with breast feeding, there would be no need to even brush one’s teeth.   Raw food does not contain the acidic substances present in cooked and processed foods that adhere to teeth.  Consequently, there is nothing to create the plaque which promotes the growth of bacteria that causes tooth decay and periodontal disease.  For those of us unable to surrender the addiction to cooked and processed foods, eliminating sugar consumption will be of significant benefit.  Also, maintaining an alkaline pH will curtail the amount of acid producing bacteria in the mouth.  Since most people are unwilling to eat only raw food, the use of an Oral B or Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush will help to minimize plaque build-up.

Only use a conventional dentist for basic or deep (below the gum line) cleanings and only when absolutely necessary.  Since the potential for prion exposure is so great, locating a dentist who is willing to allow the patient to sterilize the instruments either with a tabletop water ozone generator is essential.  If an ozone generator is being used, have the dentist, or dental assistant, place every instrument that is to be used in a plastic bag.  Insert the diffuser stone into the bag with the instruments, and then grip the end of the bag tightly around the air tube of the generator.  Allow the bag to expand and fill with ozonated air for one minute.  The instruments will then be sterile and safe to place in the mouth.

If work is required beyond a simple cleaning (e.g. fillings, onlays, inlays, crowns, root canals, etc.), a biocompatible dentist must be used.  Finding a competent biocompatible dentist is a difficult but crucial task.  Just because dentists call themselves biocompatible does not mean they are using the proper materials, equipment and procedures.  In actuality, the majority are not.  The only way to determine a competent biocompatible dentist is to conduct a thorough interview.  It is your health at stake, not to mention your money therefore it is your right and obligation to do so.  The following is a list of questions one should ask any dentist being considered and their appropriate responses. 

1. Question:  Are you willing to sterilize all instruments to be used in my mouth with equipment I will supply?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  There is no need to proceed any further if the answer is no.  Although you now know how to eliminate prions in the body, you should not have to go to this expense when it only takes a couple of minutes to disinfect the instruments.  This is also an excellent indication of the dentist’s desire to be accommodating.

2.  Question:  Do you use a digital X-ray system?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  Analog X-ray machines emit nearly twice the amount of harmful radiation.

3.  Question:  Do you use Caries Detector Dye to identify a tooth infection?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  X-rays will miss the majority of tooth infections.  Dentists routinely place fillings in and crowns on infected teeth eventually resulting in tooth death and bone infection.

4.  Question:  Do you use a dental water laser to eliminate a tooth infection?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  Hydrogen peroxide is not only toxic but ineffective in most cases.

5.  Question:  Will you use Tea Tree Oil, which I will supply, on any infected or compromised tooth?

Correct Answer:   Yes

Details:  To ensure complete disinfection, two drops of Precision’s Tea Tree Oil ($15.00 for 1/2 oz bottle) should be applied to any infected or compromised tooth even after laser treatment.

6.  Question:  Do you use Septocaine as an anesthetic?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  The toxicity levels of the more commonly used Lidocaine and Carbocaine are thousands of times higher.

7.  Question:  Do you use low fusing ceramics for restorations?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details: Low fusing ceramics (porcelain) are completely biocompatible where composites (petroleum based acrylic) and metal amalgams are not.  Composites are being touted as biocompatible but they are not only toxic, composites are too soft and breakdown quickly.

8.  Question:  Do you use a Plasma Arc Light to bond ceramic restorations?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  Water soluble cements deteriorate, on average, within five to ten years allowing seepage underneath the restoration, resulting in tooth decay.

9.  Question:  Do you have the capability of milling your own ceramic restorations?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  A dental office that can create its own ceramic restorations will save you time and money.

10.  Question:  Do you use an intraoral camera?

Correct Answer:  Yes

Details:  This integral piece of equipment provides magnified images and photographs necessary to successfully diagnosis dental problems.

11.  Question:  What precautions are taken when removing metal amalgams?

Correct Answer:  Rubber dam and high speed suction

Details:  In order to prevent further contamination of the body with heavy metal particles and gases, a dentist must use a rubber dam and high speed suction.

12.  Question:  What material do you use to fill a root canal?

Correct Answer:  Pulpdent

Details:  Conventional dentists use gutta percha which is an extremely toxic rubber material that contains barium, cadmium and lead.  Pulpdent is a safe, biocompatible material.  Remember to use Tea Tree oil in the canal before filling with Pulpdent to kill all infections.

If a dentist recommends anything beyond a routine cleaning, get a second opinion or even a third.  Do not think for a second a doctor is somehow more ethical, honest or competent then any other person trying to earn a living.  There are dentists who care about their work and excel at their profession.  But there are just as many who do not have the slightest idea what they are doing and would not hesitate to recommend unnecessary procedures or use questionable practices.  Take control of your dental health by being informed and gauging the level of expertise and professionalism of any dentist.

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