What We Call Reality is an Illusion

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Life is an illusion of your own making.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”   -  Albert Einstein

Before you read further, please try to set aside your beliefs and assumptions.  Open your mind for just a moment and consider the possibility that you do not know what you think you know.  For if we are truly honest with ourselves, we could admit that we are still frightened children because of our insecurities, uncertainty and ignorance.  Despite what we believe, God our Father did not create what we think we see, hear and feel.  We are dreaming.  We are all Sons of God dreaming that we are bodies capable of attacking each other, of hate and vengeance, of fear and guilt and of pain, suffering and death.  Everything about this world we made to deceive ourselves; to ensure we believe that we are something we are not.  There is no hell where one will be sent as punishment for a life of sin.  This world is hell; it is of our making and death does not release us from it.  Be thankful, though, for everything about this world and your self-concept is untrue, unreal and actually impossible because they are not of God.  More importantly, there is a simple way to awake from this nightmare before we ‘die.’

The human mind is incapable of discerning truth from falsehood, essence from perception, context from content, and all thoughts are simply belief systems based on perceptions specific to every individual’s particular paradigm; nothing more.  When examined and enumerated, any moment of our subjective thought process involves millions of contributory elements which are internally ranked based on perceived importance.  Some of the most obvious factors that influence our opinions, beliefs, faith and other mental processes are age, gender, education, family dynamics, brain physiology, prior experience, training, language skills, IQ and psychological and intellectual expertise and capacity.  These factors are dominated by an overall level of consciousness with which one is born, which is affected by our intentions, commitment, internalized goals and attention set.  All these factors are further swayed by the prevailing cultural and societal presumptions and axioms that are accepted as “reality” and intrinsic to social structure which, of course, change over time.

The determination of truth is not a function of which the human brain is capable.  We all assess our world through the body’s sensory systems.  By seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, we accumulate sensory inputs or data which the brain processes to formulate thoughts, opinions, beliefs, desires and perceptions which are combined with previous experiences (i.e. upbringing, education, social interactions, media exposure, etc.) to create our particular individual paradigms of life.  All information received from parents, peers, educators, mass media, industry experts, clergy, government officials, scientists, researchers and the like is filtered by the mind based on two assessments:  1) how the information correlates to one’s current set of beliefs and 2) the perceived level of integrity of its source.  The information is either accepted as truth, which will then alter or reinforce one’s prevailing belief systems, or it is rejected as a fallacy.  Because we have no intrinsic knowledge, evaluation is the prerequisite for our extremely limited, selective perception and our resulting flawed judgments.

Regardless of the mind’s final interpretation of the sensory input, the process of assessing correctness, truthfulness and accuracy is arbitrary.  Additionally, this same subjective process has also been employed by the very people whose information we have used to establish our own paradigms. They have also chosen to believe certain inputs and disbelieve others as predicated on their previous assumptions and past experiences.  The communication of these guesses (which are presented as fact) will become, at least in part, the basis of our beliefs which we will also accept and portray as fact.  We all are simply guessing as to what is right or wrong, true or false, good or bad, beneficial or detrimental – no matter how well informed or intelligent we consider ourselves to be.

Everyone naively and incorrectly presumes that their own perceptions, judgments, opinions and comprehension of life and its events are real, true, factual and therefore “right.”  Consequently, if people have a different viewpoint, they are considered to be misinformed, prejudiced, malcontents, uneducated, inexperienced, mentally ill or simply ignorant and therefore “wrong.”  The innate vanity of the narcissistic core of the ego has a vested interest in being “right” which carries with it an associated sense of self-importance.  This, in turn, produces a feeling of empowerment even though its basis is illusory.  Therefore, being “right” is associated with pride and self-esteem which then must be defended which always leads to attack in some form.  Again, no two people have the same set of beliefs which is why there is no subject on which all people can agree.

To illustrate what has been stipulated to this point, let us assume for a moment that you had lived your life quite differently.  Although this depiction may seem absurd and is actually impossible, it will demonstrate the fact that we are incapable of knowing anything.  And that what you think you do know may or may not be right, true or even real because, again, our brains do not possess that ability.  Let us say that on the day of your birth, you were scooped up and placed in an environmentally controlled room with no windows or doors.  Advanced machines were used to provide the essentials to maintain your life – food, water, waste removal, etc.  No human interaction of any kind (people, books, TV, cellphone, computer, radio, internet) was present.  Your life was lead in complete isolation without any mental stimuli whatsoever.  While this scenario may be the stuff of science fiction, the result is not.

On the day of your release from this solitary confinement, you would walk out into the world not knowing a single thing.  Sights, sounds, scents and feelings that we have always thought we were born “knowing” would be completely alien to you, whether you were in your twenties, thirties, forties or beyond.  The most basic concepts such as light, water, food, warmth, air and speech would be incomprehensible.  You would be unable to even care for yourself and would die in a matter of days without help.  If people did offer assistance and taught you what was necessary for survival, you could only trust (or believe) that the information and examples you were being given were correct, beneficial or true.  And for any given subject, the number of possible variations that you could be taught is over 7.4 billion (current estimated world population).  Once you realized that not everything you were being told or shown was in your best interest, or to your liking, you would be forced to judge for yourself what was right or wrong, true or false, beneficial or detrimental.  But again, these judgments would be based solely on perception and selectivity, not knowledge.

To continue the illustration, let us now say you are given an apple to eat.  You have never eaten or even seen an apple before.  Within several minutes after eating this apple, you become violently ill (chronic diarrhea and vomiting).  Because the brain can only understand linear associations, you will naturally assume the apple was the cause of your illness.  From this point forward, you will forever believe that apples are dangerous.  What your brain could not know is that you contracted a particular bacterial strain present in food eaten the day before.  It was just coincidence that the infection had reached its peak of severity and symptomatology just as the apple was eaten.  Even if you had been taught about bacterial infections and their effects on the human body, your mind could not know that bacteria had entered the body or how and when.  It could only make an incorrect assumption due to our limited linear perception.

Every day we make decisions and arrive at conclusions based on similarly perceived relationships and associations that do not exist.  Therefore, the only difference between this implausible illustration and your actual situation is that you have perceived and selectively judged this world in bits and pieces over your entire lifetime beginning the day you were born.  Unfortunately, the outcome was the same.  Perceptions and judgment, not knowledge, are the way we stumble through this “life.”  While the mind is capable of learning, it must then experience (usually repeatedly) in order for the mind to accept anything as factual.  For example, many would say they “know” that placing their hand on a hot stove will burn it.  This fact is known to them only because they were first taught that heat could burn and they actually experienced that fact, at least once, before accepting it as true.  A thing or condition has to be experienced because the mind cannot know.  And even then the mind may still make an incorrect association, as it did in the previous example with the apple.

Judgment is entirely misunderstood by the world.  It is confused with wisdom and substitutes for truth.  As the world uses the term, a person believes they are capable of “good” and “bad” judgment and their education aims at strengthening the former and minimizing the latter.  There is, however, considerable confusion about what these two categories (good and bad) actually mean.  What is defined as “good” judgment by one person is considered “bad” judgment to another.  Furthermore, even the same person classifies the same action as showing “good” judgment at one time and ”bad” judgment at another time.  Nor can any consistent criteria be taught to definitively establish what is “good” and “bad.”  At any time a student may disagree with what his would-be teacher says about the two categories.  And the teacher himself/herself may well be inconsistent in what he/she believes.  Therefore “good” judgment, in these terms, is meaningless; as is “bad.”  It is necessary for us to realize that is not that we should not judge, but that we cannot.  This is not an opinion but a fact.  In order to judge anything rightly, a person would have to be fully aware of every possible relationship, contingency and outcome of all things; past, present and future.  A person would have to be able to recognize in advance all the effects that their judgment would have on everyone and everything in every way.  And one would have to be certain there is no distortion in their perception so that their judgment would be wholly fair to everyone on whom it rests now and in the future.  Who is in a position to do this?  Who, except in grandiose fantasies, would claim this for themselves?

All of the ugliness we see around us is the outcome of our judgments.  All of the pain we look upon is its result.  All of the loneliness and sense of loss; of passing time and growing hopelessness; of sickening despair and fear of death have come from judgment.  Remember how many times you thought you knew all the “facts” you needed for a correct judgment and how wrong you were when just one more “fact” came to light!  Is there anyone who has not had this experience on countless occasions?  Do you even have a clue as to how many times you merely thought you were right, without ever realizing you were completely wrong?  And yet, how often did you viciously defend these judgments?  Why would anyone choose such an arbitrary basis for decision making?  Wisdom is not judgment; wisdom is the relinquishment of judgment.  In giving up judgment, we merely give up what we did not have.  We give up nothing more than an illusion.  In essence, we have just become more honest.  Recognizing that judgment was always impossible, we simply no longer attempt it.

Where none of us can agree on a single subject and our opinions and beliefs are constantly changing, how can anything be considered true?  In order for anything to be true, it cannot change.  If something can change, it was not true before the change or afterward.  Truth is simply true; unalterable and changeless.  Truth cannot be true one day and false the next.  There is nothing in this world that is not subject to change.  In fact, everything in this world will, at some point, cease to exist.  It may take millions of years, but it will happen.  Therefore, nothing in this world is true.  If nothing is true, none of it can be real.  Example: “I am a human being.”  At the moment this may seem to be a true statement.   However, can it be said after you die?  If you are not always a human being, then you were never a human being.  Truth cannot be conditional.  Being a dead being, as opposed to living, is conditional.  This cannot be perfect truth and therefore impossible.  Better example: “I am a Son of God.”  This is a true statement because it is true whether or not the body is “alive.”  No matter what happens, you will always be a Son of God for all eternity.  Eternity is truth and only that which is eternal is real.  Since it has been established that our brains are incapable of knowing even the simplest of concepts, how could it possibly know if we are dreaming or not?

To accept the premise that we are dreaming seems ludicrous, if not entirely impossible.  Clearly, we are awake and we can see what is real, right?  But how do you know when your mind is unable to determine truth or what is real?  There are countless examples that prove we are incapable of making the distinction between illusion and reality.  Every day we can hear, see or read about occurrences that defy the laws of nature or physics.  Every day people are scammed out of their life savings and tricked into believing a multitude of deceptions, hoaxes and illusions.  Have you ever seen a good magic act?  Accomplished magicians routinely perform incredible feats that are seemingly impossible yet we watch them happen with amazement.  Schizophrenics see things and people that are not seen by the “real” people around them.  John Nash, who was a mathematical genius, a Nobel Prize winner, a Princeton professor and the subject of the film “A Beautiful Mind,” saw things and people he thought were absolutely real but that did not exist for the rest of us.

We recognize from our own experience that what we see in dreams, at night, we think is real while asleep.  Every night we have the potential to have a dream so realistic that we wake laughing or crying or shaking from fear or sweating due to panic.  Yet the instant we awaken we realize everything that seemed to happen did not occur at all.  We do not consider this strange even though all the laws of what we awaken to were violated while we slept.  Is it not possible that we merely shift from one dream to another without ever waking?  Of course, you are probably thinking to yourself that it is easy to differentiate between real life and a dream.  But that is because we can compare and contrast our waking dream (“life”) and our sleeping dreams.  While in the sleeping dream, we have no idea the events that seem to be occurring are not real.  In fact, sleeping dreams can be so compelling or disturbing that they can affect our mood for hours, if not days, afterward.  Sleeping dreams seem to last for hours when they probably take only seconds just as our waking dream seems to take decades when in Reality, it was but an instant.  The only reason we believe this “life” (our waking dream) is real is that we have yet to awaken from it.  Consequently, we have no memory of Reality and so we are unable to compare and contrast with this so-called “reality.”  The lack of memory of what we truly are prevents us from recognizing that we are only dreaming.

Of course, the terms being used here (e.g. illusion, dream, nightmare, hell) only approximate the state of mind being described.  These are the only terms to which we can relate and comprehend due to the lack of awareness we have forced upon ourselves.  Given our present level of consciousness, to which we have relegated ourselves, our true nature is incomprehensible.  This is also why the fact that we exist in a dream state is an impossible concept to most.  We do not realize, as Children of God, that we are limitless, God-like beings capable of having a dream of such epic portions, scale and detail.  Do you really believe that a Son of God would have a simplistic dream such as the ones we have at night?  Or would he dream of planets and stars and solar systems?  Your dreams at night are just a small part of the grander dream of the Son of God as a body.

Consider all of what has been proposed using basic reason.  Why would an omnipotent, omniscient God create children who would be completely unlike Himself – weak, limited, ignorant, vulnerable and mortal?   Why would He place them in a situation where they would undoubtedly suffer physically and emotionally, where they could never be truly happy or at peace, where at any moment they could be horribly wounded or killed in countless ways to no fault of their own, where nothing lasts or satisfies, where people attack and murder each other as a matter of course and where they all will ultimately die regardless of the life they lead?  Do you really believe that God would send His “only Son” to be horrifically tortured and murdered for the punishment, retribution or absolution of our sins if it all was real?  Would this represent a loving God or even a loving thought?  Would any caring parent do such a thing?  Do you believe God is evil and as flawed as we misperceive ourselves to be?  For if you truly believe all this is possible, the only reasonable conclusion is that God is evil and incapable of love.  Rest assured, God does love His children which are why He has a plan to correct our mistake.  The only requirement is to realize we have made a mistake and be willing to take some small steps towards correction.  The small effort that God requests of us is described in A Course in Miracles.

Until you accept that this world, your body and your ego are of your making (a self-imposed hell) and choose Heaven instead, you will continue to repeat this same mistake over and over, living lifetime after lifetime.  It does not matter how religious you are, how closely you adhered to your particular religion’s edicts, rhetoric or ritualistic practices or how “good” and charitable you believe yourself to be.  Death is not a release as most religions profess.  That death seems to be possible only confirms the acceptance of the illusion as being real.  Believe that you can die and you condemn yourself to repeat this nightmare time and again.  Believe you are different from any of your brothers, whether you perceive them as murderers, rapists, terrorists or some other type of sinner, and you will believe you are forever separated from Heaven and your Father.  This is true because we do have the freedom of choice and God is not going to intervene unless you decide differently and ask with deep sincerity to return to Him.  This means forgiving everything you witness and experience including the “sins” you think you see in yourself and others.  Forgiveness does not mean seeing sin and then forgiving it.  Your ego’s plan is to have you see sin first and then try to overlook it.  How can you overlook something you have made real?  The ego perceives forgiveness as something that entails an unfair sacrifice of righteous wrath, a gift unjustified and undeserved and a complete denial of the truth.  Forgiveness, as the Holy Spirit teaches, means knowing that sin does not exist.  All that you think you see and hear is nothingness, which must be completely overlooked as if it never happened – because it did not!  Simply looking beyond error from the beginning will keep it unreal to you.  You must know with absolute certainty that you, and everyone else, are perfectly innocent and holy and nothing can ever change this eternal truth.

Who can attack the Son of God (you) and not attack his Father?  How can God’s Son be weak and frail and easily destroyed unless his Father is?  You do not see that every “sin” and every condemnation that you perceive and justify is an attack upon your Father.  And that is why it has not happened, nor could be real.  You do not see that this is your goal because you think the Father and His Sons are separate.  And you must think that they are separate because of fear.  For it seems safer to attack a brother or yourself than to attack God.  It is important to note here that attack is not defined as only being verbal or physical assaults.  Thoughts are as dangerous to you as any actual act and every thought manifests as form on some level.  Just think of harming a brother and both of you are hurt, because we are One as God’s only Son.  For all you political correctness watchdogs, please understand that God is not sexist by saying we are all sons and brothers.  Because we have given away knowledge for this dream of opposites and conflict, language is the only means of communication that we now understand.  And this form of symbolism is, at best, limited.  At worst, language keeps us separated because words are so easily misinterpreted and misused.  It does not matter if we are all called daughters and sisters.  There is no such thing as male or female, black or white, homosexual or heterosexual.  We all are exactly the same and equal in our eternal innocence and limitlessness.  We are perfection.

If you could remember that you are one with God and all His Creation, and recognized this oneness, you would know His power is yours.  But this will not be remembered so long as you believe attack of any kind has the slightest meaning whatsoever.  It is unjustified, in any form, because it has no meaning.  The only way it could be justified is if you and your brother were separate from the other and all were separate from your Creator.  For only then would it be possible to attack a single element of Creation, to attack the Son without attacking the Father, to attack someone without attacking yourself or hurt yourself without another feeling pain.  And this belief you want.  Where would its value lie except in the desire to attack in safety?  Attack is neither safe nor dangerous.  It is impossible.  And this is so because the universe is one.

Only the different can attack.  So you conclude because you can attack, we all must be different.  The Holy Spirit explains this in another way.  Because you and your brother are not different, you cannot attack.  Either position is a logical conclusion.  Either could be maintained but never both.  The only question to be answered, in order to decide which must be true, is whether you are different from everyone else.  From the position of what you think you understand at this moment, you believe you are different and, therefore, can attack.  But, again, you do not understand Reality (Heaven) because you are only dreaming.  Dreaming of bodies, sin, pain, fear, guilt and hatred does not make them so.

The body is a house you imagine you built to separate yourself from your Father and brothers.  You fear your Father and brothers because you see them as unlike yourself.  You believe you are special.  It is within this house you think you live, just to die as it deteriorates and crumbles.  You consider yourself safe behind these walls with the purpose of separation having been realized.  The body is a dream, my friends.  Like other dreams, at times, it can be one of happiness.  But it can and will quite suddenly revert to fear and guilt, where every dream is born.  For only love creates in truth and truth can never fear.  Made to be fearful, the body must serve the purpose you gave it.  But we can change the purpose of the body simply by choosing differently.  The body can be the means by which God’s Son returns to sanity.  However, this must be his sole desire.  Though it was made to imprison himself in hell without escape, it can be given the goal of Heaven in exchange for the pursuit of hell.  The Son of God could extend his hand to reach out for his brother’s to help him walk along the road to Heaven with him.  Now is the body holy with the new purpose of love and salvation being realized.  Now it serves to heal the mind of the brother that it was made to attack.  You will identify with what you think will make you safe.  Whatever it may be, you will believe that it is one with you.  Your safety lies in truth, not illusions.  Love is your safety.  Fear does not exist.  Identify with love and you are safe.  Identify with love and you are truly home.  Identify with love and you will find your real Self.

You are probably asking why we would choose to make this place of pain, suffering and death when we were in Heaven surrounded by eternal peace, love, happiness, innocence, beauty and perfection.  Essentially, we asked God to love us more than His other Sons which, of course, He could not do.  So being the apparently spoiled brats that we are, we attempted to separate ourselves from our Father and the rest of our Family, which is impossible.  The best we could achieve was a dream of separation; of being in a body and not remembering anything of what we truly are or where we belong.  Here is what Jesus says about it in A Course in Miracles:

“You were at peace until you asked for special favor.  And God did not give it for the request was alien to Him, and you could not ask this of a Father Who truly loved His Son.  Therefore you made of Him an unloving father, demanding of Him what only such a father could give.  And the peace of God’s Son was shattered, for he no longer understood his Father.  He feared what he had made, but still more did he fear his real Father, having attacked his own glorious equality with Him.

In peace, he needed nothing and asked for nothing.  In war, he demanded everything and found nothing.  For how could the gentleness of love respond to his demands, except by departing in peace and returning to the Father?  If the Son did not wish to remain in peace, he could not remain at all.  For a darkened mind cannot live in the light, and it must seek a place of darkness where it can believe it is where it is not.  God did not allow this to happen.  Yet you demanded that it happen and therefore believed that it was so.  To “single out” is to “make alone,” and thus make lonely.  God did not do this to you.  Could He set you apart, knowing that your peace lies in His Oneness?  He denied you only your request for pain, for suffering is not of His creation.  Having given you creation, He could not take it from you.  He could but answer your insane request with a sane answer that would abide with you in your insanity.  And this He did.  No one who hears His answer but will give up insanity.  For His answer is the reference point beyond illusions, from which you can look back on them and see them as insane.  But seek this place and you will find it, for Love is in you and will lead you there.”

Our Prayer

Our Father of all Creation, holy is our being.  Your Love is always present in this dream as it is in Heaven.  You gave Your Son everything, but I rejected Your Gifts and turned away from my Family.  This was my sole mistake, Father, and I truly regret it.  Now I want to correct this error and, with Your Help, I will succeed.

I forgive myself, my brothers and all that is seen and heard for nothing about this world of illusions, I have made, is true or real. All Your creations are perfect, holy and eternal. Everything I tried to create without You only caused me to dream. You do not know of bodies, sin, fear, guilt, death or anything else about this “world.” I have only imagined it all. I surrender all my thoughts, opinions, perceptions, judgments and beliefs to You, Father. For I have given away the ability to understand and so I know nothing. I ask for Your guidance until I awaken unto Your knowledge. Into Your loving embrace, I commend my Spirit.

We are all Your eternally innocent, limitless Children, but each of us has made the same mistake of dreaming of sin and separation. I will resist all temptation to attack my brothers in any form. Any attack is against myself for my brothers and I are one and the same and when united, we are Your only Son. I no longer want to be a part of the crucifixion but rather a witness to the Resurrection. No form of fear, guilt or attack is ever justified. Only unconditional love and gratitude are due every one of my brothers and You, Father.

I am so very thankful, grateful and blessed for having been created in Your perfect likeness, for all the gifts You have given me, for the love, patience, understanding and guidance of the Holy Spirit and my brother Jesus and for all my brothers, each of whom is my savior. I am ready to accept the gifts You have already given me but chose to reject. I now choose differently for I finally recognize my mistake having realized I am not a body. I am still as You created me but asleep.

Father, I only want Your peace again and to remember Your love. I value nothing else. By learning perfect forgiveness I will find my redemption and know that there was never really anything that needed to be forgiven. I love, honor and trust You, my true Self, the Holy Spirit, my brother Jesus and all my brothers. Amen.

Everything detailed thus far contradicts the very foundation of every organized religion, which is:  God created the world, and its people, and our transgressions will be judged by Him.  Either we are forgiven for these “sins” or we are dealt some form of punishment.  How and why God created the world varies from religion to religion.  More importantly, what are considered transgressions and the types of punishment also vary.  Once again, there is no consensus because all of it is meaningless.  The sole purpose of any religion is to make what is false seem to be true.  It promotes practices that are self-defeating, goals that are unobtainable and ideologies that are based on falsehoods.  Religion is just another ego generated distraction to keep us from recognizing truth and remembering our holiness.  You made the ego, the body and this world – not God.  The ego is, in essence, an insane, alien entity which you put in place to deceive you in every situation and its ingenuity to do so is considerable.  The ego’s objectives are never in your best interest; quite the opposite.  Its only function is to prevent you from realizing that this “life” is a self-imposed prison in a dream world intended to be the exact opposite of Heaven.  Its only goal is your death and the death of God.  The ego will use everything at its disposal to deceive and spawn conflict.  Its thoughts seem to be your own, but they are not.  Your real thoughts are only the loving thoughts you share with God.  The ego does not know Love.  Love, as defined by the ego, is reserved for people it deems special or deserving but only uses this “love” to gain at the other’s loss.  Real Love is extended to all people and all Creation equally and unconditionally.  Love for a brother cannot be here today and gone tomorrow.  Like truth, Love is eternal and without an opposite or opposition.

Consider the obvious; if you were born in China, you would probably be an unquestioning Buddhist.  If you were born in Iran, you would likely be an unquestioning Muslim.  If you were born in certain parts of Africa, South America or Australia you might believe in many gods.  Having no experiential evidence whatsoever, the mind obediently follows social, ethnic or family precedents that are rarely ever questioned throughout a person’s lifetime.  Therefore, most people’s spiritual and religious beliefs are determined as an accident of birth.  The ego adopts the inherited belief system as its own and then proceeds to defend it.  Everyone believes theirs is the one true religion or they would not have faith in it, but that is simply not the case.  Once again, having no ability to ascertain the validity of its beliefs, the mind is forced to aggressively defend its positions because they are vulnerable to attack.  People have been killing each other over religion since the beginning of time and still are today – this includes Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and every other religion.  The innate desire of the ego to control others’ behavior is a human failing that comes at an enormous cost.

All religion is designed to obfuscate the truth and perpetuate the insanity of our beliefs.  Religion is just another form of government where a small group of people believes they are entitled to tell a much larger group how to think and behave.  It is about power and control, and they are some of the largest bureaucracies in the world.  Neither Jesus, nor Buddha, nor Krishna, nor Dr. David Hawkins, nor any other spiritually enlightened avatar created any religion.  They all related the same eternal truths in a way and language that was relevant to their time and their audience, which religion then intentionally obscures.

Ancient spiritual texts are also ego devices used to perpetuate our illusions.  Let us consider the Bible with a clear understanding that all spiritual texts are similar in nature and their underlying, deceptive purpose.  Two-thirds of the world’s population place their faith in spiritual texts other than the Bible.  People follow the Koran, the Torah, the Vedas, the Sutras and so on.  Are those billions of people wrong and only the much smaller percentage of Bible believers are right?  Do you know how many versions of the Bible there are?  There is the Protestant Bible and the Catholic Bible.  There is the Hebrew translation, the Aramaic translation, the Greek translation and over 50 different English translations/versions.  Which one did God write?  They are all just interpretations of stories that were verbal for centuries before even being committed to paper.  These stories have since been interpreted, translated and reinterpreted countless times.  Here is the truly insane part.  Most people who are Bible thumpers have not even read it.  And if they have, they will not admit much of it is incomprehensible to them.  Most of it is completely irrelevant to circumstances of this day and age.  More importantly, there are parts of the Old Testament that calibrate below 200 on the Scale of Consciousness (Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force) which means those portions are completely false, negative and destructive.  People can call it holy if they wish but it does not make it so.

There are parts of the Bible that do calibrate reasonably high (700 – 800) on the Scale of Consciousness, specifically the Gospels.  However, anyone who has truly read the Gospels, and considered them objectively, has noticed they read like a novel with pages randomly ripped out, if not whole chapters.  There are huge gaps in time and little continuity.  Another peculiarity is that all four Apostles relate the same few stories, albeit with many discrepancies.  In all the time Jesus spent with them, why do they only write about a few incidents, most often what they perceived as miracles?  Very little of what Jesus tried to teach them is actually detailed in the Gospels, at least what remains of them.  Where are the late night discussions and the question and answer sessions they must have had?  What about the explanations Jesus most certainly had given the Apostles regarding His actions and all the miraculous events they were witnessing.  Do you think Jesus and the Apostles just hopped into their pajamas and sleeping bags at the end of the day and did not talk?  Do you think that Jesus just handed out a few cryptic parables that are still difficult to decipher to this day?  All those things have been intentionally eliminated or reinterpreted by the hierarchy of the Church so the Bible only depicts what they demand people believe, hence the obvious gaps and the relatively superficial content.  The egos of Church leaders could not have Jesus married to a known prostitute or have His first Apostle be a woman.  They could not have Jesus telling people that this was all a dream of their own making and it could all be overcome simply by choosing differently.

Christians have often heard Jesus described as “the only Son of God.”  Again, this is an intentional misinterpretation by the ego to define us as being different from Jesus or something less than a true Son of God.  That sin has somehow forever tainted us so that retribution and punishment by a fearful God are the only recourse for absolution.  We are exactly the same as Jesus.  What is meant by “only Son of God” is that we are all created equal and given the same gifts of knowledge, innocence, love, joy, peace, limitlessness, strength and immortality.  We are all connected and a part of each other and, together, we make up the whole that is God’s Son.  The only thing different about Jesus is that he came into this dream, of His own volition, knowing that it was nothing more than a dream.  If any of us accepted this fact completely and without any reservation, we could perform the same miracles Jesus did.  Jesus was not sent by God to be brutally tortured, to suffer tremendous pain and to be executed in the most agonizing way.  He felt no pain because nothing that seemed to be happening was real.  Jesus did not come here to save us from our sins because there is no such thing as sin.  The concept of sin is just another aspect of the ego’s belief system.  His only Purpose was to demonstrate that this is a dream of our own making; that the Son of God (which we all are) cannot die unless he chooses to believe death is real.

Would Jesus only come here one time, to a small group of people thousands of years ago, and never make any other effort?  There are billions of people who have never even heard of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.  Is it not more likely that Jesus would make himself known to those people in some way?  Jesus has tried to make His presence known to all of us in many different ways throughout time.  Both Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always trying to tell us we are asleep and how to wake.  Unfortunately, most of us choose not to acknowledge Them no matter how much we need Their help.  The book, A Course In Miracles, is one of the many forms Jesus and the Holy Spirit use to guide us.  Yes, Jesus and the Holy Spirit gave the book to Helen Schucman, professor of medical psychology at Columbia University, who “scribed” it verbatim from Their Words.  This fact can be verified by applied kinesiology, commonly known as muscle testing, which is a practical application of quantum physics.  Even if one lacks a familiarity with kinesiology, anybody with a modicum of open-mindedness will clearly recognize who is speaking when the book is read.  The sections known as the Text and the Manual for Teachers calibrate at a perfect 1000 on the Scale of Consciousness.  It is the only publication in history that calibrates at this level.  That A Course In Miracles was written by Jesus and the Holy Spirit will be difficult for many to accept for all the reasons detailed above.  Besides the mind’s inability to distinguish truth from falsehood, the ego will do everything in its power to convince you that it is not true.  If the ego fails to prevent you from reading this book, it will mean its death (not the body’s) which the ego knows all too well.

It was stated in the opening paragraph that death is not an escape from this self-made illusion.  This assertion is also diametrically opposed to every religion’s belief system.  Without exception, every religion professes absolute faith in some form of afterlife.  And that, upon the body’s death, the nature of this afterlife is determined by one’s behavior in this corporeal life.  Whether we are rewarded with a Heaven-like existence or punished with a hell-like state is the province of a vengeful supreme being.  Of course, the criterion for this judgmental “god’s” verdict is arbitrarily dictated by us or, more specifically, by the hierarchy of each religious sect.  How can dying release an eternal, limitless Son of God from a dream of being an imperfect, mortal body?  If you believe death is possible, how does it free you from this world of illusions?  You chose to be here; to believe you are something you are not.  Can the death of something that does not exist do anything but perpetuate the illusion?  Jesus rose from the dead, as we define it, because he knew he was not a body.  Therefore its death was meaningless and an impossibility.  Accept the inevitability of death, the ego’s ultimate objective, and you ensure the continuation of your nightmare.  Follow the ego’s insanity and you will remain in the darkness of fear, guilt and conflict.  Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and learn how to walk out your prison door into the light of God’s Love.  Miracles are simply Reality piercing the haze of our illusion; a moment of sanity amidst complete insanity.  And we are all capable of performing miracles because we are all limitless Children of God.  In fact, sharing miracles becomes our only function once we hear God’s Voice.

Again, the ego’s unending need to deceive in order to preserve its insane positions will demand that it present what seem to be defensible, rational arguments against the truths detailed here.  Unfortunately, they will be anything but sane.  The only possible argument, albeit unsupportable and even intellectually naïve, would be to suggest that God and Heaven do not exist.  It could be postulated that we are nothing more than a physical body and when the body dies our existence ends, despite the mountains of empirical evidence to the contrary.   While atheism and scientism are just other forms of religion, where the human ego is worshiped as god, there are no truly faithful followers.

Atheists attempt to convince themselves and others that they are “realists” and intellectually superior.  Sadly, though, they tend to be those among us who have perceived their lives to be particularly hellish.  They harbor deep-seated feelings that they do not deserve to be happy, loved or loving.  Having no expectation of redemption from this nightmare of sin, pain, suffering and death (we mistakenly call life), their self-concept is acutely hopeless and fearful and ridden with guilt, insecurity and despair.  How could it be otherwise with nothing but the specter of death forever looming in their future, with no possibility of salvation from or forgiveness for their many indiscretions?

It is impossible for anyone to maintain such a desperate, hopeless belief system because it completely denies what we truly are.  Self-proclaimed, practicing atheists are such only because they have not yet perceived a life-threatening event.  They have not experienced prolonged, excruciating pain.  They have not contracted a terminal illness that is ravaging their body.  They have not suffered a horrific, debilitating injury that has rendered them helpless and in constant agony.  They have not been trapped in a burning building or surrounded by enemy gunfire and so on.  When atheists realize they face unending, unmanageable pain and death is imminent, their religion is quickly abandoned and their cries for God’s salvation begin.  We all turn to God when we finally accept that all we valued in this world was meaningless.  And that everything the world held out as hope was nothing but a lie.  Who could succeed in finding lasting peace, stability and security where nothing but contradiction and conflict reign?  How can we seek permanence in the temporary, love where there is only fear, safety in the midst of danger, immortality within a world of death?

Be thankful!  Our cries for help, love and understanding have not gone unheard or unanswered.  We all are still as our Father created us and He is with us always.  No one can remain in this self-imposed hell forever because none of us can truly abandon our Creator, despite our dreams of separation.  His perfect, eternal, unchanging Love has never left any of us.  And He will save us from ourselves if we acknowledge our mistake and choose to correct it by following His Guidance and not the ego’s.  A Course in Miracle provides the beginning steps of His Guidance.

A Course in Miracles is a practical lesson in basic reasoning and truth.  It is a course in the obvious.  It is not the basis of some fringe cult or a device that “programs” the mind.  It will not require anyone to shave their head, throw on a bedsheet and hand out flyers at the airport.  No one will have to wear a black suit and tie and ride a bicycle from house to house all day.  Nor will anyone have to get on their hands and knees and chant for hours on end.  You will not have to attend church or adhere to any other meaningless religious practice.  These are all rituals of the ego which change with time and attitudes.  Conflict, fear, guilt and sacrifice are their only objectives.  God wants us to stop sacrificing and to stop feeling guilty.  A Course in Miracles actually bypasses all the existing programming with which you have darkened your mind so that you can begin to see and hear what is real.  By accepting the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, offered in A Course in Miracles, They will reinterpret your ability to attack into the ability to share and translate what you have made into what God, your Father, created.  You will be able to cross the bridge into Heaven, hand in hand with your brothers, never to remember anything of this world again.

Make, then, just one last judgment which is this:   There is Someone with you Whose judgment is perfect.  He does know all the facts; past, present and future.  He does know all the effects of His judgment on everyone and everything involved in any way.  And He is wholly fair to everyone for there is no distortion in His perception.  Therefore lay judgment down, not with regret but with a sigh of relief and gratitude.  Now are you free of a burden so great that you could merely stagger and fall beneath it.  It was all an illusion – nothing more.  Learn how to rise up, unburdened, and walk lightly by relinquishing judgment to the One Who can.  Let A Course in Miracles teach you how to escape the deceptions of the mind by placing your trust in God and His Guide.

There is one choice to be made in this world that matters.  Which guide do you follow – the Voice for God, as manifest by the Holy Spirit, or the ego?  And there is one way you will easily recognize which you have chosen.  Any time you feel anger, sadness, fear, guilt, betrayal, or any other negative emotion; you have listened to the ego and accepted what is not real.  Only peace, happiness and love can come from following the Holy Spirit.  There are no exceptions and nothing else is possible.

Important note:  Do not buy the Kindle or any digital version of A Course in Miracles.  These digital versions have already gone the way of the Bible and all other spiritual publications.  Parts of the section known as the Text have been rewritten and parts of the section known as the Workbook have been omitted.  This is just another example of the ego hard at work to keep you from waking unto Reality.  It is also recommended that you begin the lessons in The Workbook while reading the Text in small amounts.  Do not rush either.  A Course in Miracles is a radical departure from what we currently perceive as being true or real; therefore, it will require time for your mind to overcome the objections you will undoubtedly face from the ego.  As a minor aside, please do not blame Jesus or the Holy Spirit for the poor sentence structure and incorrect punctuation.  While it is Their Words, it was the responsibility of Helen Schucman and William Thetford to commit them to paper.  Clearly, Schucman, Thetford and their editor had little, if any, understanding of correct punctuation or sentence structure.  However, these shortcomings do not diminish the magnitude of the gift this book is to the world.

The ego, being what it is, is going to insist that you dismiss this dissertation as just another foolish opinion.  Your ego’s rants are witness to the fact that its insane belief system cannot be questioned lest it be exposed for what it is.  Defensiveness is only necessary for positions of fear, weakness, ignorance and uncertainty.  Truth needs no defense, it just is.  No opinions have been rendered here.  For those of you familiar with applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and the works of Dr. David Hawkins, this article calibrates at 993 on the Scale of Consciousness.  Nothing calibrating at this level of spiritual awareness can be from an “earthly” source, only from the Source.  As stated earlier, God is always speaking to us and His Teachers are always providing us the means to remember who we truly are.

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