Toxic Water – The Silent Crisis

by Optimum Nutrition Admin
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Do you really know what is coming out of your faucets or what actually constitutes clean water?

All living organisms on earth require water in order to survive.  In fact, water was the facilitator which allowed organic compounds to merge resulting in the creation of Earth’s first life forms. It is safe to say that every mentally competent adult understands that the human body will die without water. Incredibly, this is the only statement regarding water and its relationship to the human body on which we all agree. Our biological need for clean water, while conceptually simplistic, is an extremely complex subject about which most of us are completely ignorant. Conflicting viewpoints, hidden agendas and contradictory information from so-called experts within governmental agencies and municipalities, academia, the scientific community and corporate America have left most of us turned off and tuned out of the entire matter.

Unfortunately, this ignorance and apathy has allowed for the propagation of a worldwide crisis that is quickly reaching critical mass. All water used for drinking, bathing and irrigation is contaminated in varying degrees with a multitude of toxic substances and, in some areas, infectious agents. And through its consumption, our bodies have become severely contaminated resulting in premature aging and a plethora of health disorders and diseases. We must educate ourselves as to the state of the water supply, what constitutes clean water and how we can ensure the water we consume is pure. This knowledge will allow us to protect our health and the health of our families. This subsequent articles were written for this very purpose and will endeavor to demonstrate that the information detailed within is completely accurate.

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