The Scale of Energetics

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Quickly and easily calibrate the energy level of any organic substance including your organs or body systems.

We are constantly being inundated with study after study of what is “good” for us and what is not.  Even more frustrating is that much of the information is contradictory.  One day a scientist releases a study that correlates alcohol consumption with an increase risk of a specific type of cancer.  The following day, a major university reports findings that red wine is good for the heart.  What is healthy one day is not the next.  Conflicting research arises from several factors:

  • The brain’s inability to discern truth from falsehood.
  • Paradigm blindness (perceiving a nonexistent cause and effect relationship based on a particular set of beliefs and experiences).
  • Intentional distortion of data to promote a hidden agenda.

All matter possesses a dynamic energy field that can be measured and manipulated.  This energy field is either positive or negative, in varying degrees of strength.  Within complex organisms such as plants, animals and people, many different levels of energy exist concurrently and, in many cases, there will be both positive and negative energies in a single organism.  For example, an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake has an overall high positive energy field although its venom is a powerfully negative energy field.  Similarly, a person may be generally healthy and possess a fairly strong overall energy field while having a severely compromised organ that actually exhibits negative energy.  Also, the negative energy of parasites that have infected a generally health human being or animal can easily be identified within the overall positive energy field of that body.  Both forms of energy can now be precisely calibrated using the Scale of Energetics.

The Scale of Energetics

500 – Life enhancing energy
200 – 499Life sustaining energy
1 – 199Life inhibiting energy

On this logarithmic scale (10ˣ), 1 to 199 depicts life inhibiting energy where the negative impact diminishes as calibrations trend upward toward the level of 200.  200 is the critical level at which energy transforms to life sustaining energy.  Anything that is to be consumed or applied to the body must test at 200 or above for the substance not to have a deleterious effect on the body.    Substances that calibrate in the “life sustaining” category (calibrations ranging from 200 to 499) may not negatively impact the body but they are of little to no benefit.  Once the energy field reaches 500, it acquires the ability to withstand external forms of stress, both physical and emotional, and becomes life enhancing.  This stress resistant quality increases to infinity, which represents the perfect expression of life giving creation that is impervious to all external forces.  One should always seek to consume substances that calibrate above 500 and shield the body from anything calibrating below 200, including people.

Once the technique of muscle testing has been mastered, the world can be assessed in a much more specific, accurate, realistic way.  In order to calibrate an object or person using the Scale of Energetics and muscle testing, simply make the following statement:

  • “On the Scale of Energetic, this (name the object) calibrates above 200.”

If the O-ring remains strong (a “yes” response), then the object being tested possesses a positive energy field.  To determine just how strong the field is, continue with the same statement but use incrementally higher numbers until a “no” or weak response is received.  For example:

  • “This (name the object) calibrates above 300.”
  • “This (name the object) calibrates above 450.”
  • “This (name the object) calibrates above 460.”

Any number on the scale may be chosen as a starting point and then move up or down on the scale depending on the responses received (yes or no) until a specific number is reached.  Additional examples:

  • “On the Scale of Energetics, I calibrate above 500”
  • “On the Scale of Energetics, my liver calibrates below 300”
  • “On the Scale of Energetics, this apple calibrates above 400”

The following charts illustrate sample calibrations at each of the three levels.  Note:  Calibrations of these items may differ due to many factors which will affect an object’s energy field.  Consider the raw carrot example below.  One carrot could calibrate differently from another due to the soil in which they were grown, when the carrots were picked, the pesticides to which each was exposed and so on.  A pack of Marlboro cigarettes may differ energetically from another pack because of what it was exposed to during shipping (e.g. extreme temperatures, radiation, moisture, etc.), how long it has sat on a store shelf and so on.

Calibrations Using the Scale of Energetics

Life Inhibiting       (0 – 199)Calibration
Kellogg’s Fruit Loops140
Marlboro cigarette110
Tums antacid71
Kraft American cheese74
Skippy peanut butter198
Land O’ Lakes butter189


Life Sustaining  (200 – 499)Calibration
Centrum Silver multivitamin250
McDonald’s Quarter Pounder240
Wonder bread327
Prego tomato sauce426
Gerber’s green beans456
Raw conventionally grown carrot387
Cooked organic carrot300


Life Enhancing  (500 – ∞)Calibration
Organic steel-cut oats790
Quantum Daily Multi900
Spring Tree maple syrup766
Nature’s Pride multi-grain bread626
R.O. filtered ozonated water1799
Raw organic carrot698
Remediated raw carrot1299

The Standard American Diet (with the appropriate acronym SAD) consists largely of foods that calibrate below 500.  While the “life sustaining” level is positive energy, items in this range, particularly at the lower end, will not sustain life for very long.  In other words, a diet consisting predominantly of cooked food, processed food and fast food will most likely result in a painful and abbreviated existence on this earth.  Consuming energetically weak food causes the degradation of every cell, creates an environment in which pathogens flourish and comprises our immune systems.  This contributes to our body’s inability to overcome illness and accelerates the aging process.

Again, as previously discussed, the mind on its own cannot determine what is good for the body and what is not.  Universally accepted suppositions exposed to the truth detection of muscle testing reveals astounding results.  From the above chart, please note that Centrum Silver multivitamin, which is advertised as having all the nutrients from “A to Z” calibrates at nearly the same level as the McDonald’s burger and a slice of cheese is more deadly than a cigarette.  Clearly, advertising and prevailing beliefs do not necessarily represent truth.  Also note worthy from these charts is the difference between a raw conventionally grown carrot (387), a raw organic carrot (698), cooked organic carrot (300) and a remediated, conventionally grown raw carrot (1299).  An organic raw carrot is stronger than a cooked organic carrot.  Heating food destroys the live enzymes needed to digest the food and denatures and diminishes the nutrients within the food.  Therefore, an already nutritionally weak plant due to toxins, hybridization and poor growing practices is made even weaker by cooking it.  A remediated raw conventionally grown carrot is twice as strong as a raw organic carrot.  Although organic tends to be somewhat better than conventional, there are still significant levels of toxins present and it pales in comparison to food that has been remediated using a new procedure detailed in the Whole Body Detoxification chapter.

Muscle test everything and do not assume that things that are commonly considered “good for you” are actually so; they could actually be extremely dangerous.  For example, most of the supplements found on the shelves of major retailers not only lack any useable nutrition, many possess the negative energy fields of toxic ingredients.  More than 50% of the supplements being sold at GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe calibrate below 200 and none of the products calibrate above 400.  Few supplements carried by these retailers that are not outright harmful, none will provide enough nutrition to even support a normal day at work, let alone a strenuous workout at the gym.

Muscle testing of pharmaceutical drugs paints an even bleaker picture.  According to the Food and Drug Administration, pharmaceuticals are the only products that can prevent or cure a disease or illness.  Calibrations using the Scale of Energetics prove this assertion to be the furthest from the truth.  Of all the pharmaceutical drugs in distribution worldwide, none calibrate over 300 and nearly 70% test as harmful, negative energy (below 200); some as low as 50.

Even more abhorrent is the fact that over 50% of the “food” found in the grocery store calibrates below 200 and less than 20% of it tests over 500.  Except for the fresh fruits and vegetables, very few of the food items have any nutritional value and much of it will compromise one’s health.  But again, simply because it is fresh produce; do not make the mistake of believing that it is always healthful.   Even organic produce, particularly tomatoes and grapes, can be so heavily pesticided that they will test extraordinarily weak.  Consequently, the vast majority of the population is consuming extremely harmful food, food by-products, contaminated water, supplements, pharmaceuticals, body lotions, hair care products, cosmetics and other toxic substances on a daily basis.

Additionally, we are constantly being exposed to tensely negative energy in form of electromagnetic fields (e.g. electricity, electronic devices, cellphones), radiation (e.g. scanning devices, power plants, televisions), toxic gases, and violent television shows, music and games.  Needless to say, the inundation of injurious fields is having a significant impact on our bodies.  Due to our inability to identify, avoid, eliminate or remediate harmful energy that weakens the body, people become increasingly susceptible to all forms of pathogens and debilitating disorders.  Therefore, over 87% of the world’s population calibrates below 300, which is very unhealthy.

Because our food is so woefully weak nutritionally and energetically, most people are, quite literally, starving for positive energy.  This induces an aggressive subconscious search for supplemental energy sources.  The source that most people identify very early in life is other people’s energy.  So begins the constant struggle to control, manipulate and steal human energy.  Disagreements between people, wars between countries, violent crimes and all other forms of attempted domination of one person over another is simply an unconscious desire to usurp someone’s energy, usually against their will.  This is why a person feels hurt and weak after being criticized or ridiculed; energy was physically drained from their body.  Conversely, the person inflicting the emotional (or physical) assault feels empowered, albeit fleetingly.  This competition for energy occurs all day everyday from very subtle comments to overtly destructive actions.  The lower a person calibrates on the Scale of Consciousness (Hawkins, Power vs. Force, 1995) and the Scale of Energetics, the more aggressive their methods for controlling and seizing power become, potentially manifesting in such atrocities as child abuse, rape and murder.

When people learn to derive their energy from nutrition and the remediation of their immediate environments, much of the conflict in the world will cease to exist.  Energy could then be shared and given freely, not forcibly taken, such as a loving parent does for their newborn baby.  The higher one’s level of energetics and consciousness, the greater the ability to uplift others.  This truth can be observed through a simple practice with food.  Take any available piece of fresh fruit (or any food) and calibrate its energy level.  After the calibration, thank God for creating the fruit that is about to be eaten and give thanks to the fruit itself for sacrificing its existence to perpetuate your own.  Now recalibrate the fruit. What will be revealed is that its energy level has increased by as much as 20%.   Energy is a two-way street.  As long as it is given willingly and accepted with gratitude, all Creation benefits.

Before beginning the 8 Steps to Fundamental Health, calibrate your current overall level of health.  To do so, ask the following question in the form of a declarative statement: “On the Scale of Energetics, I calibrate above ______.”  The starting point on the scale can be any number; however, starting at 200 and moving upwards is recommended.  For example:

  • On the Scale of Energetics, I calibrate above 500 – a positive response is received (true)
  • On the Scale of Energetics, I calibrate above 600 – a negative response is received (not true).

From the above statements, the body’s overall energetic level is determined to be between 500 and 600.  Now continue the testing in smaller increments as follows:

  • On the Scale of Energetics, I calibrate above 510 – true
  • I calibrate above 520 – true
  • I calibrate above 530 – true
  • I calibrate above 540 – not true
  • I calibrate above 531 – true
  • I calibrate above 532 – true
  • I calibrate above 533 – true
  • I calibrate above 534 – not true

Therefore, in this illustration, body’s precise calibration has been determined to be 534.  One’s actual calibration will become the baseline against which one can measure the tremendous improvements being realized by consuming energetically strong foods such as Quantum Nutrition Labs’ products, all of which calibrate above 900.

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