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Using applied kinesiology and the Scale of Energetics to assessment our water

We are constantly being inundated with study after study of what is “good” for us and what is not. Even more frustrating is that much of the information is contradictory. One day a scientist releases a study that correlates alcohol consumption with an increase risk of a specific type of cancer. The following day, a major university reports findings that red wine is good for the heart. What is healthy one day is not the next. We are in a perpetual state of confusion regarding so many subjects where we must rely on the perceived expertise of others. The problem is that there is rarely a consensus about anything. The information and opinions regarding our drinking water and its consumption, contamination and purification is no exception. Conflicting research and the antithetical conclusions arise from several factors:

  • The brain’s inability to discern truth from falsehood.
  • Paradigm blindness (perceiving a nonexistent cause and effect relationship based on a particular set of beliefs and experiences).
  • Intentional distortion of data to promote a hidden agenda.

All matter possesses a dynamic energy field that can be measured and manipulated. This energy field is either positive or negative, in varying degrees of strength. Within complex organisms such as plants, animals and people, many different levels of energy exist concurrently and, in many cases, there will be both positive and negative energies in a single organism. For example, an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake has an overall high positive energy field although its venom is a powerfully negative energy field. The same is true of water. While it is of singular importance to every aspect of the body and in a pristine state will possess an incredible strong field, the existence of the negative energy fields of contaminants will decrease the water’s overall strength.

All energy innate to any substance, positive and/or negative, can now be precisely calibrated using the Scale of Energetics.

The Scale Of Energetics

500 – Life enhancing energy
200 – 499Life sustaining energy
1 – 199Life inhibiting energy

On this logarithmic scale (10x), 1 to 199 depicts life inhibiting energy where the negative impact diminishes as calibrations trend upward toward the level of 200. 200 is the critical level at which energy transforms to life sustaining energy. Anything that is to be consumed or applied to the body must test at 200 or above for the substance not to have a deleterious effect on the body. Substances that calibrate in the “life sustaining” category (calibrations ranging from 200 to 499) may not negatively impact the body but they are of little to no benefit. Once the energy field reaches 500, it acquires the ability to withstand external forms of stress, both physical and emotional, and becomes life enhancing. This stress resistant quality increases to infinity, which represents the perfect expression of life giving creation that is impervious to all external forces. One should always seek to consume substances that calibrate above 500 and shield the body from anything calibrating below 200, including people.

Once the technique of muscle testing has been mastered, the world can be assessed in a much more specific, accurate, realistic way. In order to calibrate an object or person using the Scale of Energetics and muscle testing, simply make the following statement:

  • “On the Scale of Energetic, this (name of the object) calibrates above 200.”

If the O-ring remains strong (a “yes” response), then the object being tested possesses a positive energy field. To determine just how strong the field is, continue with the same statement but use incrementally higher numbers until a “no” or weak response is received. For example:

  • “This (name of the object) calibrates above 300.”
  • “This (name of the object) calibrates above 450.”
  • “This (name of the object) calibrates above 460.”

Any number on the scale may be chosen as a starting point and then move up or down on the scale depending on the responses received (yes or no) until a specific number is reached. Additional examples:

  • “On the Scale of Energetics, this water calibrate above 500″
  • “On the Scale of Energetics, my liver calibrates below 300″
  • “On the Scale of Energetics, this apple calibrates above 400″

To illustrate, one could determine their tap water’s exact energy level with this test statement: “On the Scale of Energetics, this glass of water before me calibrates above 200, above 300, above 400″ and so on. Any number on the scale can be chosen as a starting point and then move up or down depending on resulting responses. By applying this calibration method, the impact of a purification system on the water may also be assessed with pinpoint accuracy. Simply take a reading before filtration to establish a baseline and then another calibration subsequent to the purification.

What Is In My Water?

Determining which treatment system(s) is appropriate for your household depends on a number of factors. Foremost is to determine the desired level of cleansing and the associated costs. Costs include the initial investment in equipment, long-term maintenance and parts replacement, possible water waste and energy usage. Besides budgetary considerations and what one believes to be an acceptable level of contamination, it is equally important to identify the contaminants present in the water. Identifying all harmful substances will allow for the selection an effective system that is geared toward eliminating the specific contaminants in one’s tap water.

Owners of private wells should test their water annually since governmental testing and monitoring regulations do not apply to privately owned wells. Some local public health departments offer basic water testing services to their residents; however, these services are scarce and limited in scope. If your water is supplied by a utility, request a copy of their annual water quality report. It will provide some basic information on the water supply in your area including detected contaminants, the potential sources of those contaminants and the levels at which those contaminants are present in the water. This report may or may not identify every possible harmful substance. The Water Quality Association has free online contaminant research and water symptom diagnostic tools that provide a wealth of useful information.

Without some idea of what needs to be removed from your water, you will simply be guessing as to the most suitable system. Regardless of the water source and the availability of free analysis services or reporting, everyone should still have their water analyzed by either a water treatment professional, an EPA or state approved lab, a home test kit or muscle testing. Muscle testing for specific contaminants will be the most accurate method if one has kinesiological experience and a comprehensive list of substances that could be present. Testing can begin with the identification of broad category contaminants by using statements such as these:

  • “There are inorganic compounds in this water.”
  • “There are microorganisms in this water.”
  • “There are organic substances in this water.”

The testing should progress to more specific statements such as:

  • “This water contains arsenic.”
  • “The amount of arsenic present in this water will be harmful to my body.”
  • “There is harmful bacteria in this water.”

The testing should be as detailed and specific as possible. The comprehensiveness of the analysis will depend on one’s ability to construct specific, pertinent test statements which is a function of one’s intuitiveness and desire for specificity. The more relevant and specific the questions one knows to ask, the more thorough the analysis. Be very clear on this point – muscle testing is infallible. Test results can never be in error. Any shortcoming in the process resides with the person posing the questions and/or the statements being tested. Ambiguous, irrelevant, nonspecific statements will yield similar results that will be subject to misinterpretation which can and should be avoided at all times. To learn what conditions could exist within a person that would prevent consistently accurate testing results, read Muscle Testing 101.

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