Our Recommendations For Purifying Water

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Recommendations for creating the purest water

If someone has an unlimited budget and wants the cleanest, energetically strongest water possible throughout their house, this author would install a custom whole house treatment system that would begin with a high quality absolute solid block activated carbon filter followed by high quality reverse osmosis device.  The system would then include another post solid block AC filter and would be completed with a high quality ozone generator that has a specially coated diagram to resist degradation.  This type of custom installation would eliminate 99.9% of all possible contaminants regardless of the initial condition of the source water and distribute that pure water to every plumbing fixture in the house.  Unfortunately, most of us do not possess an unlimited budget and must carefully consider what purification method will produce the best results for the money spent.

As was detailed in a previous article What Is In My Water?, everyone should conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis in order to determine the treatment method most appropriate for them.  Realize, though, that any type of purification, no matter how limited, is better than nothing.  Even little pitcher filters or faucet mounted filters remove some contaminants which will at least minimize some of the damage to the body that would have otherwise occurred.  These small filters are mostly designed to improve the aesthetics of drinking water (taste, odor and appearance).  They are very limited in the type and number of harmful contaminants removed, typically chlorine and perhaps lead, copper and/or cysts and provide no disinfection.  Although the initial cost of these filters is low (about $5 – $10 for a filter cartridge capable of treating only about 35 – 40 gallons per month), do not assume that the long-term cost is equally as low.  Treating water with the pitcher and faucet filters will cost about $0.14 – $0.25 per gallon, which is roughly $58 – $90 annually.  This per gallon cost is similar to more the elaborate systems discussed earlier.


  1. Frank February 23, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    I installed a system very much like you recommended. In the end, it really didn’t cost that much and when you consider we have nothing but crystal clear, pure water running throughout the house, it was more than worth it. Great articles on water related subjects, they reinforced my feeling that I had done the right thing for my family.

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