Pink Salt Flush for Intestinal Cleanse

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Pink Salt Flush for Intestinal Cleanse

Eating indigestible cooked and processed food our entire lives has, for most, caused damage to the stomach and intestinal tract.  Constant consumption of toxins and indigestible food creates build up of harden fecal matter which restricts the size, frequency and ease of bowel movements.  Hardened fecal matter also reduces nutrient absorption and causes the release of toxins into the blood, culminating in a plethora of health issues.  Note, it is possible to have very loose stools, even diarrhea, with harden fecal matter.  Liquid stool can seep around the hardened stool, giving the appearance of diarrhea.  Difficulty eliminating can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful. A pink salt flush will quickly, gently and effectively cleanse the lower gastrointestinal tract.

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