Pink Salt Flush – A Gentle, Effective Intestinal Cleanse

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Eating indigestible cooked and processed food our entire lives has, for most, caused damage to the stomach and intestinal tract.  Constant consumption of toxins and indigestible food creates build up of harden fecal matter which restricts the size, frequency and ease of bowel movements.  Hardened fecal matter also reduces nutrient absorption and causes the release of toxins into the blood, culminating in a plethora of health issues.  Note, it is possible to have very loose stools, even diarrhea, with harden fecal matter.  Liquid stool can seep around the hardened stool, giving the appearance of diarrhea.  Difficulty eliminating can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful.

A saltwater flush will gently cleanse the stomach and intestines. This salt cleanse must be performed in the morning on an empty stomach, prior to consuming any food or supplements. At least three hours should be set aside for frequent trips to the bathroom. Do not attempt a flush before going to work or some similar activity. Additionally, the body must have sufficient levels of minerals and real salt before performing this flush. A mineral or salt deficiency could result in serious adverse reactions such as severe constipation. If you are unable to muscle test for salt and mineral deficiencies, prepare for the cleanse by taking two teaspoons three times per day of Quantum Coral Calcium Powder and one teaspoon three times per day of Quantum Nutrition Labs’ Pink Salt for at least two days prior to conducting the cleanse.

Quantum Nutrition Labs’ Pink Salt is one of the purest blends of unheated sea salts available; mined from prehistoric, uncontaminated sea bed deposits. Remember, most salt being sold in stores, including sea salt, is highly heated and processed therefore will not provide the necessary nutrients. Similarly, the overwhelming majority of minerals supplements available are useless to the body.  Most mineral supplements are nothing more than ground rocks or some type of synthetic isolate which have little or no nutritional value and are nearly impossible for the body to absorb.  Even colloidal mineral products, which are absorbable, typically contain only small amounts of calcium and magnesium.  Consuming large amounts of trace minerals without enough macro minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) can eventually cause a unhealthful mineral imbalance.  Minerals must be taken in their proper ratios.  Quantum Nutrition Labs’ Coral Calcium Powder contains all 72 minerals needed by the body in their proper proportions and in the most absorbable form (ionic).  Because Coral Calcium Powder contains up to 92% highly ionized minerals (most other minerals contain no ionized minerals), even people with severely compromised digestive systems can absorb them.

A saltwater flush is prepared by completely dissolving two teaspoons of Quantum Pink into 16 ounces of purified water (not distilled water) that is room temperature. Drink the mixture all at once and then lie on your right side for 30 minutes. The exit of the stomach (pyloric valve) into the small intestines is on the lower right hand side of the stomach. Once the fluid is consumed, it will settle at the bottom of the stomach, below the opening. Lying on the right side ensures that the saltwater quickly drains out of the stomach through the pyloric opening into the duodenum and on into the intestinal tract.  Once the saltwater is in the small intestines, the muscle contractions (peristalsis) will propel the mixture through the remainder of the lower gastrointestinal tract. Within approximately one hour, the mixture will have flowed into the large intestine and is nearing evacuation. A salt flush gives most people a rapid, full bowel elimination within 30 to 60 minutes and should stimulate several subsequent bowel movements for another two or more hours.

For a thorough cleansing, a salt flush should be performed on at least two consecutive mornings – ideally three or four. If the flush does not induce rapid, multiple bowel movements, it may be that the body is still mineral and/or salt deficient. In which case, wait a few days and then repeat this procedure after taking increased amounts of Quantum Coral Legend and Quantum Pink Salt for several days prior to the flush. If the flush still does not produce rapid elimination, it is likely that the intestines are being restricted or obstructed by one of more of the following: impacted fecal matter, diverticuli, intussusception, adhesions, cysts, polyps, fibroids or tumors.


  1. jake c May 29, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    I gave this a try and it worked amazing well. One thing everyone should know before doing this – don’t have any plans for at least a couple of hours because you’ll be running to the bathroom pretty often.

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