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Stop wasting money on synthetic supplements

The Scary Truth About Supplements

Most people do not realize that the vast majority of supplements being sold are not only worthless, they are actually detrimental to your health. According to the Winter, 1999, Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, 97% of the current vitamins and minerals now sold in “health food” stores and mass market merchandisers are either harmful or ineffective or both. Applied kinesiological testing confirms the accuracy of the ANA’s assessment. Most supplements contain ingredients that are synthetic, fractionated and/or genetically modified and include an array of toxic fillers (even common sand), binders (even the same glue used to make furniture) and excipients; all of which assimilate poorly (if at all) and stress the body.

Incredibility, the most harmful ingredients are not even listed on the labels. Flowing agents such as talcum powder, a suspected carcinogen (cancer-causing agent), are used routinely by most manufacturers as well as polyvinylpyrrolidone, magnesium stearate (a proven immuno-suppressant), stearic acid, waxes, coal tar derivatives and many other known or suspected carcinogens. Studies by the University of Texas Health Science Center and the East Carolina University School of Medicine reveal that these toxic additives cause a rapid collapse of T-cell membrane function and cell death; thereby suppressing the immune system. (Immunology, 1990, Jul.) More than 95% of the vitamin and mineral products consumed today contain stearates. Stearates are used as binders in tablets and in the processing of gelatin capsules. Many of the supplements sold in the form of tablets contain the same glues that are use to build furniture! People often take hundreds of capsules and tablets every month believing that they are getting vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients but, in reality, they are ingesting powerful immune suppressing toxins.

Amazingly, synthetic ingredients in nutritional products are only part of the problem. Natural ingredients that are poorly grown, spoiled, irradiated, fumigated or contaminated with pesticide/insecticide residues also contribute to the ineffectiveness and toxicity of most brands. Research indicates that over 60% of the herbs currently used in nutritional products in the U.S. have been either fumigated, irradiated or contain significant pesticide/insecticide residues – including organic herbs. Most supplement manufacturers do not test the raw materials used to make their products. They usually accept the Certificate of Analysis from their suppliers. Unfortunately, the Certificate of Analysis is of little value since the certifying agency only tests for harmful bacteria and mold and rarely tests for toxic contaminants.

How a plant is grown is also of critical importance. An herb’s nutrient content, as well as phytochemical properties, can vary drastically depending on its growing and harvesting methods. Most herbs grown in the U.S. are too weak, too toxic or both to provide the nutritional benefits routinely cited in scientific literature. A plant can vary in its mineral content by more than 900% depending on how it is grown. Similarly, its phytochemical nutrients can range from very potent, with unparalleled healing properties, to virtually inactive. If an herb is poorly grown, even a concentrate, tincture or extract will yield minimal benefits. Research reveals that a person has less than 5% chance of selecting a nutritional product in the market place that is both nontoxic and effective. This was confirmed in a landmark study reported in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (winter, 1999).

Of course, everyone would love to find that one magical, cure-all product that will eliminate all our health problems and melt away all our body fat. The simplicity and expediency of a single miracle capsule or super drink is extremely appealing. Marketers, advertisers and salespeople know this and tailor their campaigns to prey on our naive desires and beliefs. Every few months we hear about the latest “breakthrough discovery” with “powerful, broad spectrum” health implications. The sales pitch will include a litany of disorders it would help and the endorsement of some well known “expert” like Dr. Oz, Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Andrew Weil or Dr. Phil. Without the use of muscle testing, “health experts” and famous people, like everyone else, are simply guessing as to what is true or beneficial. These people are just as easily misled by what they believe they know as anyone else. They are really nothing more than unwitting shills for the products’ manufacturers. Just because a celebrity uses something, a well-own doctor endorses it or its featured on Oprah, does not automatically validate a product’s claims. While the latest “super” nutrient, ingredient or product may have some specific, limited nutritional attributes, there is no cure-all nutrient or product and there never will be. There is no nutrient or product that will eliminate body fat and there never will be. The body is entirely too complex to be healed by a single nutrient, product or procedure. Every one of those cure-all products like Mona Vie, Jusuru, Isotonix and Juice Plus+ possess little or no nutritional value and in many cases are highly toxic and detrimental.

Why Take Supplements?

  • Americans eat 31% more packaged food than fresh food.
  • Cooking food denatures most of its nutrients and renders it indigestible.
  • Commercially grown produce is nutritionally weak and toxin laden.
  • Many “healthy” foods are nutritionally weak hybrids or GMOs.
  • Even most “well-fed” people are starving to death nutritionally.
  • The Standard American Diet is just that – SAD!

Most of us would agree that all life is sacred and should be respected and revered, yet many people treat their cars or their furniture better than their own bodies. A person would not knowingly pour battery acid on their dining room table, but that is essentially the equivalent of having a Coca Cola and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. One would not expect a car to run without gas and oil, so why do so many of us believe that our bodies will not breakdown without proper nutrition? The answer is that most people, including the so-called experts, do not understand what constitutes good nutrition and what the body actually requires. Because our minds are incapable of discerning truth from falsehood, we are constantly being fed a steady stream of disinformation that is simply propaganda but is blindly accepted as fact. It is common knowledge that candy, soft drinks and fast foods are not healthful. Thankfully, there also seems to be a growing consensus that processed sugar, processed starches and chemical additives are responsible for food addictions and the corresponding destructive eating behaviors – finally!

However, what most people still do not understand is that any food that has been heated or cooked has lost much of its nutritional value and has been rendered indigestible. Over time, daily consumption of cooked food will compromise the digestive system to the extent that the body becomes incapable of producing its own digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Simply stated, the human body was not engineered to consume cooked or processed food (processed food is actually cooked food with additional toxic additives and preservatives and various other contaminants). Live enzymes necessary for proper digestion are destroyed and most nutrients are either denatured or completely eliminated when food is heated above 109 degrees Fahrenheit. The consumption of this nutritionally weak, indigestible food places an insurmountable burden on the digestive system. Because the body is “starving” for nutrition, this invariably forces a person to over eat in a futile attempt to supply the body with essential nutrients, increasing the stress on the bowels.

Anyone eating cooked food on a regular basis has a compromised digestive system and is therefore unhealthy. The resulting number of health issues that manifest will vary from person to person depending on many variables such as genetic predisposition for certain conditions. This typically occurs when we reach our 30′s or 40′s (for some much earlier) which is when most of us begin experiencing “the signs of aging” such as weight gain, hair loss, wrinkles, diminishing energy levels, joint pain and the like. However, this is not the body aging. In reality, it is the body simply succumbing to the burden of the continual intake of indigestible toxic food that is nutritionally and energetically deficient. Even if a person maintained a perfect diet of only all raw “organic” fruits and vegetables, they would still be missing essential nutrients due to mineral deficient soil, hybridization, genetic modification and incomplete growing cycles. Additionally, the definition of “organically grown” in this country is absurd. Premium prices are being charged for produce that is only slightly stronger energetically and nutritionally than commercially grown produce. Quantum Nutrition Labs and other high quality health products manufacturers are needed to fill the nutritional void.

Why Take Quantum Supplements?

  • Most nutritionally and energetically potent supplements available.
  • Live-source raw ingredients – no synthetics, isolates or toxic additives.
  • Ingredients are grown to maturity in mineral and nutrient rich soil.
  • Only the original, nutritionally potent species – no GMOs or hybrids.
  • No heating or freeze-drying to preserve enzymes for ideal absorption.
  • Ingredients have not been fumigated, irradiated or pesticided.

Quantum Nutrition Labs’ products have been thoroughly tested to be non-toxic and effective. They guarantee that what is on the label is exactly what is in the bottle! Quantum Nutrition Labs uses the Ayurvedic grading system for herbal quality. The Ayurvedic grading system (from 1 to 10, 10 being the best) was devised over 8,500 years ago in India, still in worldwide use today. This grading system quickly identifies the quality of each raw material. Exporters have stated that Quantum Nutrition Labs is the only Grade 10 importer in the United States. Quantum Nutrition Labs rigorously tests all raw materials to ensure that only the highest quality live-source, “beyond organic” ingredients from around the world, that are never irradiated, are included in their supplements. There is nothing grown in the U.S. that can pass the stringent photoluminescence testing technology.

Quantum Nutrition Labs’ health products, formulated by Dr. Bob Marshall, contain no pesticides or toxic chemicals and they utilize enzymatic processes for superior phytochemical availability. All Quantum’s capsules are 100% pure vegetable capsules instead of tablets which are filled with glues and binders and hardened with heat and pressure or gelatin capsules that use toxic preservatives and are made from animal body parts, such as hooves, which can carry serious diseases. The vegetable capsules are twice as well absorbed as a gelatin capsule and are free of toxic preservatives. Quantum Nutrition Labs’ nutraceuticals are also guaranteed free of genetically modified organisms (GMO), milk, corn, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, stearic acid, magnesium stearate or any other toxic additives. Quantum Nutrition Labs is the only company in the world consistently producing products that calibrating above 900 on the Scale of Energetics.


  1. skate4 May 30, 2015 at 3:09 am

    I had been taking the well known brands like Centrum and others that are sold at supermarket. I just assumed that they had the vitamins and minerals that they advertised having. After reading this article, I took a closer looked at the ingredients and was shocked. There wasn’t one natural ingredient in any of them. Shouldn’t this be illegal??? Since taking Quantum products I feel the difference – I feel better! Thanks for opening my eyes.

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