The Single Greatest Discovery In History

by Optimum Nutrition Admin

A positive energy field can make the muscle being tested (o-ring) of a tiny woman as strong as a male power lifter.

The determination of truth is not a function of the human brain.  We all assess our world through the body’s sensory systems.  By seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, we accumulate sensory inputs or data which the brain processes to formulate thoughts, opinions, beliefs, desires and perceptions which are combined with previous experiences (i.e. upbringing, education, social interactions, media exposure, etc.) to create our particular individual paradigms of life.  All information received from parents, peers, educators, mass media, industry experts, clergy, government officials, scientists, researchers and the like is filtered by the mind based on two assessments:  1) how the information correlates to one’s current set of beliefs and 2) the perceived level of integrity of its source.  The information is either accepted as truth, which will then alter or reinforce one’s prevailing belief systems, or it is rejected as fallacy.

Regardless of the mind’s final interpretation of the input, the process of assessing correctness, truthfulness and accuracy is completely arbitrary and has no basis in reality.  Additionally, this same subjective process has also been employed by the very people whose information we have used to establish our own paradigms.  They have also chosen to believe certain inputs and disbelieve others as predicated on their previous assumptions and past experiences.  The communication of these guesses (which are presented as fact) will become, at least in part, the basis of our beliefs which we will also accept and portray as fact.  We all are simply guessing as to what is right or wrong, true or false, good or bad, beneficial or detrimental – no matter how well informed or intelligent we consider ourselves to be.

Again, no two people have the same set of beliefs which is why there is no subject about which all people can agree.  The facts of today will be condemned as ignorant conjecture tomorrow.  The earth is no longer viewed as flat because the essence of our beliefs, against which all new sensory inputs are evaluated, is constantly evolving.  There are few, if any, beliefs that were commonly accepted as being unquestionably true a thousand years ago that have remained as such in today’s society.  Most everything we will have assumed to be true during our lifetimes will have been modified to some degree before our deaths and will be completely dismissed as naiveté a thousand years from now.

There is very little that any of us can say we “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt.  For example, when asked, most everyone would say they are absolutely certain they know when they were born and the date is indisputable.  On what do we base this intractable position as being an unequivocal truth?  Our parents have told us when we were born and have celebrated this birth date ever since we can remember.  We have seen our birth certificate.  We may even know a person who assisted with our birth.  But does all this evidence constitute definitive proof?  Absolutely not!  All people are capable of lying, including all parents.  All documents can be in error, altered or forged.  And no one can say, with absolute certainty, who was in attendance when we entered this world.  We are simply trusting that the available information is accurate.

A Quantum Shift in Level of Consciousness

Fortunately for all of us, the guessing game is finally over.  No longer do we humans have to struggle to identify that which is true or life supporting.  A simple method of quantifying energy fields allows each of us to determine truth with heretofore unparalleled speed, ease and accuracy.  This innate ability to immediately distinguish between positive (truth) and negative (falsehood) energy has always existed within our bodies; however, the actual mechanics necessary to utilize this ability was only realized at the end of the 20th century.

Everything in the universe, past and present, possesses a unique energy field that radiates a frequency and a vibration which results as an indelible imprint on the impersonal field of consciousness.  Every object, person, thought, feeling, action and event is permanently recorded in this “universal database” and may be accessed by every one of us instantaneously via kinesiology (muscle testing).  Applied kinesiology is a technique by which the body’s involuntary response is measured when exposed to positive and negative stimuli.  Anything possessing negative energy, such as a false statement or toxic substance, will result in a weak muscular response while a positive energy field will elicit a strong muscular response.  When performed properly by an individual free of certain prohibiting factors, the muscle testing results received are unaffected by personal beliefs, opinions, education or experience and can never be incorrect.

With the discovery of muscle testing in the 1960′s, for the first time in history, a person is able to differentiate truth from falsehood of all that is seen or heard.  We no longer have to simply trust or believe that the written or verbal information we receive is true and accurate.  All sources of information are subject to testing which includes peers, teachers, government officials, scholars, spiritual leaders, the media, historical texts, scriptures and all forms of educational material.  The most minute detail of anything that has occurred or existed in time and space can be determined with absolute accuracy.  The impact of this incredible diagnostic tool on humankind’s advancement physically, intellectually and spiritually will be unlimited.  If there is any doubt as to the “scientific” validity and credibility of muscle testing, please read Dr. David Hawkins’ Ph.D. dissertation publish as “Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Levels of Consciousness.”

The Technical Explanation

That truth or life-sustaining substances cause the body’s muscular system to strengthen and falsehood or life-inhibiting substances result in its weakening was an empirical clinical discovery. This clinical ascertainment was later substantiated by quantum physics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. The phenomenon of muscle testing is due to the fact that truth exists as an actual reality, whereas falsehood merely has no substrate of reality. Thus, the muscle testing response to the existence of a positive energy field or truth is either “yes” or “not yes” (“no”). The mechanisms are clarified by understanding basic principles of quantum physics by which the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle itself is the “litmus paper.” Phenomena are the consequence of the collapse of the wave state of potentiality to the particle state of actuality. These are the result of intention and observation themselves. The observer and the observed become an operational unit. Truth has actual existence and therefore collapses the wave function causing the muscle being tested to become strong. Falsehood has no reality and therefore is nonexistent and thus fails to get a response and the muscle weakens. Using electricity as an example, the wire either carries current (electricity exists in the wire) and is therefore “on” (muscle testing equivalent to a strong response) or current does not exist in the wire and it is “not on” (muscle testing equivalent to a weak response).

For many years, the test was thought to be a local response of the body’s acupuncture or immune system. However, later research has revealed that the response is not a local response to the body at all, but a general response of consciousness itself to the energy of a substance or a statement. That which is true, beneficial or life enhancing gives a positive response which manifests from the impersonal field of consciousness, which is present in every one of us. Consciousness knows only truth because only truth has actual existence. Muscle testing does not respond to falsehood because falsehood does not have existence in Reality. The responses are impersonal and do not reflect or depend on belief systems of the person conducting the test or the test subject.

Who Can Muscle Test

Everyone has the ability to muscle test although, in many, there are identifiable conditions that prevent testing accuracy.  In fact, only 40% of the population in the United States and less than 10% of the population worldwide will receive consistently correct results.  The following are conditions that will prohibit a person from obtaining accurate test results:

  • Weak or reversed polarity
  • Less than 600 iron-protein complexed molecules in the pineal gland
  • Cellular damage to the pineal gland
  • A calibration below 200 on the Scale of Energetics
  • A calibration below 200 on the Scale of Consciousness

Determining whether or not one or more of these four limiting conditions exists is essential before attempting to muscle test.  So the obvious question becomes how does one muscle test for a problem that prevents accurate muscle testing results?  There is a single, albeit temporary, solution to the first three conditions.  It is an extremely simple procedure using a product made by Quantum Nutrition Labs called a QC Integrator vial (QCI).  This small, inexpensive vial ($80) temporarily restores complete cohesiveness and integrity to the body’s energy field, thus allowing anyone calibrating above 200 on the Scale of Consciousness to achieve accurate, reproducible muscle testing results.  Regarding the last limiting factor, calibrating below 200 on the Scale of Consciousness is highly unlikely for someone reading this material.  Even searching for information that will improve one’s health and happiness is a clear indication that they possess a higher level of consciousness.  Typically, people calibrating under 200 will have no interest in applied kinesiology or will not accept it as a valid discipline.  In fact, they will have extreme difficulty comprehending or accepting any information that is life enhancing.

Using the QCI vial is an extremely quick and easy procedure.  Simply rest the vial on the apex of the head, with the white cap vial facing the forehead, for 20 seconds.  (The apex of the head is the intersection of the tips of the ears and the center of the nose.)  While holding the vial on the top of the head, keep the eyes open and remain still and silent.  Do not stand near a motor or electrical device of any kind while performing the procedure.  The amount of time the temporary cohesive field that has been established by this procedure is maintained will vary depending on the person’s level of health and emotional state.  However, in the absence of any physical activity the field should remain intact for at least 30 minutes.  Physical activity will shorten the length of time the energy field remains cohesive.  Fortunately, this simple procedure may be repeated as many times as needed throughout the day.

Permanent Remediations

To permanently remediate the polarity issue, Quantum Nutrition Labs sell a small, hand-held laser ($250) that will strengthen all four poles of the body.  The body is repolarized by pointing the laser at it, using a counter clockwise swirling motion.  Laser the entire body from head to toe, both front and back but be careful not to point the laser directly into the eyes.  A tremendous ancillary benefit of owning this laser is that all things consumed or contacted (e.g. food, water, clothing, bedding, etc.) can be repolarized and energetically strengthened using the same procedure.  Anything depolarized that enters the body (food, water, supplements, etc.) or comes in contact with it (clothing, bedding, jewelry, etc.), will have a negative impact.  Although the drain on the body of these depolarized fields is subtle, they are one of many things to which we are exposed that are detrimental and cumulative.  As these negative influences are systemically remediated or eliminated, the body will become increasingly stronger.

To increase the iron-protein complex molecules in the pineal gland to a sufficient level, Precision Herbs sells a supplement called Polmax.  This remedy should be permanent if one’s health is properly maintained.  Cellular damage to the pineal gland caused by toxins can be repaired with Precision Herbs’ Toxin Ease.  Damage resulting from parasitic infection can be repaired with Precision’s PP+.  When a person calibrates below 200 on the Scale of Energetics, they are simply too weak to accurately muscle test.  It is strongly recommended that these more permanent remediations be applied if at all possible.  A temporary remedy is rarely the optimum solution.

How To Muscle Test

There are several different muscle testing methods from which to choose.  However, because the “O-ring” method can be performed alone and tends to be the easiest method for most people to learn and apply, it will be the only one discussed.  There are many other resources available if an alternative form of muscle testing is desired.

To begin, use the QCI vial as described earlier in this section.  Then place the tip of the thumb of either hand firmly to the tip of the middle finger to form a perfect circle (Image 1).  The thumb and the index finger or the thumb and the ring finger can also be used, but the middle finger is recommended.  With the opposite hand, form a “hook” with the index finger that will be used to pull open the O-ring (Image 2).  While keeping the O-ring formation held strongly, feel how much effort it takes to pull the hooked index finger through the O-ring (Image 3).  Do this several times to establish a baseline level of strength, so that any change in resistance can be detected upon the testing of a statement.  That which is true, positive, beneficial or life supporting will result in the O-ring remaining strong and closed when the hooked index finger pulled against it.  A false, negative, detrimental or life diminishing response will cause the O-ring to weaken and the index finger will pull through easily.  It is critical that even, consistent pressure forming the O-ring is maintained and a uniform amount of pulling force is used with the index finger.

Image 1Image 2Image 3

The motive or intention of any question to be tested must be of an integrous nature.  In other words, muscle testing can only be applied accurately if it benefits humankind as opposed to selfish or nefarious reasons.  It will also not respond accurately to nonintegrous or egoistic questions, such as should one buy a certain stock. Therefore, the motive for asking a particular question must calibrate above 200 on the Scale of Consciousness.  To test a concept, an object or a person, hold the thought or image in the mind then ask the question in the form of a declarative statement.  For example, to determine if Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, the test would not be, “Was Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States?”  The correct muscle testing statement would be, “Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States.”  The statement will receive a true response indicated by the O-ring remaining strong and closed.  If the question (asked in the form of a statement), is “Abraham Lincoln was the 17th President of the United States,” the response will be not true and the O-ring will weaken and open.  Practice with questions about which the answers are definitely known.  Be advised that so many things that are assumed to be common knowledge and unquestionably true are not.  Also test their opposites so that the differences in strength between a true and untrue statement can be clearly discerned.

  • “My first name is John.”   Opposite:  “My first is not John” or “My name is Mary.”
  • “I am a male.”   Opposite:  “I am not a male” or “I am a female.”
  • “I have ten fingers.”   Opposite:  “I do not have ten fingers” or “I have nine fingers.”
  • “I have five toes on my right foot.”   Opposite:  “I do not have five toes on my right foot” or “I have more than five toes on my right foot.”

Because the mind cannot discern truth from falsehood, the selection of appropriate test questions must be given careful consideration.  As previously discussed, much of what is currently accepted as true or factual may not be in reality.  For example, do not use as a sample of a known, true statement, “I want to be happy.”  Everyone would agree that they want to be happy.  So it will surprise many people to know that more than 60% of the world’s population, either on conscious or subconscious level, does not want to be happy.

Additionally, testing the truth or “correctness” of a subject will depend on one’s ability to construct specific, pertinent test statements which is a function of one’s intuitiveness. It must be clearly understood and accepted that muscle testing is infallible. Test results can never be in error. Any shortcoming in the process resides with the person posing the questions and/or the statements being tested. A person possessing any of the previously delineated conditions will prohibit accuracy. Testing of ambiguous, irrelevant or nonspecific statements will be subject to misinterpretation which can and should be avoided at all times. For example, testing the ambiguous statement, “The sales position I have been offered is a good job for me” is not useful. In what way was the word “good” intended? Is the job “good” because of the salary? The working conditions? The hours? The promotional opportunities? The professionalism of coworkers? The retirement benefits? Familiarity with the test brings progressive expertise. The “right” questions to ask begin to spring forth and can become almost uncannily intuitive. For anyone who learns the technique, more information is available instantaneously than can be held in all the computers and libraries of the world.

Note:  It has been discovered that an imbalance can occur after exposure to negative stimuli such as negative people, violence on television, fast food and the like.  This imbalance can block accurate muscle testing results.  The imbalance can be easily cleared with a “thymic thump.”  This procedure is simply three thumps with a closed fist over the thymus gland (upper breastbone) while smiling and holding an image of something loved in mind (Dr. David Hawkins, Eye of the I, 2001).  Alternatively, a QCI vial can be used as described earlier in this section.

Once sufficient confidence has been gained in the accuracy of the muscle testing results, one can begin asking questions about the unknown.  Consistency of the muscle testing form (i.e. ring pressure, pulling force) and specificity of the questions are the keys to consistently accurate results.  Avoid broad questions or general terms that can be defined or interpreted several different ways.  For example, asking the question (in the form of a statement), “My liver is healthy” is a valid question but entirely too general.  The following question (statement) will provide a more comprehensive assessment of one’s liver:  “My liver is functioning at less than 100% of optimum.”  If the answer is not true (weak), the liver is fairly healthy.  A true (strong) response indicates a problem.  The exact percentage of the liver’s relative strength should then be calculated (see example below).  When testing health issues, it should be noted that there is no single test statement that will diagnose every possible problem.  This is why constant monitoring of the body is essential for maintaining good health.

Example – Liver Problem

  • “My liver is functioning at less than 100% of optimum.”  The answer is true (strong).
  • “My liver is functioning below 90%.”  The response is true (strong), continue.
  • “My liver is functioning below 80%.”  The response is true (strong), continue.
  • “My liver is functioning below 70%.”  The response is not true (weak), continue.
  • “My liver is functioning below 75%.”  The response is not true (weak), continue.
  • “My liver is functioning at 79%.”  The response is not true (weak), continue.
  • “My liver is functioning at 78%.”  The response is true (strong), continue.

The weak or not true response means that the liver is functioning at 78% of normal.  Now that an unknown liver problem has been detected, eliminating it is the next objective.  Since there are so many things that can negatively impact the body, knowing what they are and how to identify them requires some education, years of experience in the healthcare field and extensive networking with knowledgeable peers.  Therefore, searching for appropriate solutions will be a much simpler, more effective approach then attempting to diagnose disorders.  Allow one’s body to identify what is needed to heal itself, rather than guessing at what might be wrong with it.   Test all liver-related products as follows:

  • “I need LivTec to heal my liver.”
  • “I need LivGal to heal my liverl.”
  • “I need Liver-N-Gall to heal my liver.”
  • “I need LivStone to heal my liver.”
  • “I need LivStress to heal my liver.”
  • “I need SuperTone to heal my liver.”
  • “I need Mito to heal my liver.”
  • “I need Liver Complex to heal my liver.”

For the purposes of this example, it will be assumed that Liver-N-Gall and LivGall were identified as necessary remedies based on the results of the above statements.  This means that the liver will benefit from both products.  But, does the liver actually need both in order for it to be completely healed?  From the product information found on the manufacturer’s website, one can see that Liver-N-Gall and LivGall are somewhat similar supplements and general in nature.  It could be possible that the liver only needs one of these products, if the most effective product is selected.  Therefore, the next test statements should be:

  • “Liver-N-Gall is the best product to heal my liver.”
  • “LivGall is the best product to heal my liver.”

We will assume LivGall tested as the best product.  Now the question becomes whether or not the liver will require any other supplement beside LivGall to completely heal it.  In many cases, a single supplement is all that is required, but not always.  Therefore, there are two options.  Complete the necessary dosage of LivGall and then retest the liver or continue muscle testing the liver as follows:

  • “LivGall is sufficient to heal the liver.”

A strong (yes) response signifies that LivGall should resolve the liver issue. This does not necessarily mean that liver is going to be completely healed by LivGall.  It is possible that the liver can only handle one supplement at a time.  Again, always retest upon completion of a protocol to identify any remaining problems.  A weak (no) response will prompt this next set of statements:

  • “To completely heal my liver, I will also need to take Liver-N-Gall upon completion of my therapeutic dosage of LivGall.”
  • “To completely heal my liver, I will also need to take LivTec upon completion of my therapeutic dosage of LivGall.”
  • “To completely heal my liver, I will also need to take LivStone upon completion of my therapeutic dosage of LivGall.”

One needs to recognize that there are limitations to this “reversed” method of testing for treatments as opposed to testing for disorders.  It is possible that a disorder exists for which the appropriate treatment is not known or has yet to be formulated; therefore the name of the remedy will not be available for use in a test statement.  For example, Precision Herbs’ Joint Support has been formulated to repair damaged joint tissues, particularly ligaments.  If a person has no joint tissue damage and they muscle test the statement, “I need Joint Support,” they will likely receive a “no” response.  However, if the same person has a torn annulus fibrosus (outer ring portion of a spinal disc) and muscle tests the more specific statement, “I need Joint Support to repair the damaged annulus fibrosus in a spinal disc,” the response would now be “yes.”  Needless to say, the more specific the line of questioning is, the more relevant the response.

Determining Exact Therapeutic Dosage

Once all appropriate remedies have been identified, determine the correct therapeutic dosages.  For this illustration, it will be assumed that LivGall was the only supplement needed.  To determine the precise therapeutic dosage and the length of time needed to resolve the issue, use the following sequence of statements:

  • “I need one capsule of LivGall.”  The response is true (strong), continue.
  • “I need two capsules.”  The response is true, continue.
  • “I need three capsules.”  The response is true, continue.
  • “I need four capsules.”  The response is not true (weak).

The weak or not true response on the fourth statement means that three capsules of LivGall are needed per day.  Now the number of times per day three capsules of LivGall are needed must be determined.  This is accomplished by using these statements:

  • “I need three capsules of LivGall once a day.”  The response is true (strong), continue.
  • “I need three capsules of LivGall twice a day.”  The response is true, continue.
  • “I need three capsules of LivGall three times a day.”  The response is not true (weak).

The weak or not true response on the third statement indicates that three capsules of LivGall are needed per twice a day.  Next, one must ascertain the duration of use with these test statements (the starting point is arbitrary):

  • “I need three capsules of LivGall twice a day for more than 4 weeks.”  The response is true (strong), continue.  If not true, start the statements at one week.
  • “For more than five weeks.”  The response is true, continue.
  • “For more than six weeks.”  The response is true, continue.
  • “For more than seven weeks.”  The response is true, continue.
  • “For more than eight weeks.”  The response is not true (weak).

The weak or not true response on the fifth statement determines the complete therapeutic dosage to be three capsules of LivGall twice a day for seven weeks.  Typically, a dosage will consist of two to four capsules per dose, two to four times per day with an average duration being eight to 12 weeks.  Just prior to completion of the above protocol (in this example, three capsules twice a day for seven weeks of LivGall), always retest the targeted area.  Use the first test statement to determine if the specific body part is now functioning at 100% of optimum.  The current protocol may need to be extended or other related products may now be necessary to complete the healing process.

Important:  Any product chosen to cure a particular issue that requires more than four capsules (or three teaspoons) four times per day or a course longer than four months might not the best remedy.  Retest the targeted area and all possible treatment options.  Also, if one has the financial resources, it is best to determine the “maximum beneficial dosage” of any given treatment.  Therefore, instead of using the above test statement:  “I need __ capsules of ________,” use “My maximum beneficial dose of ________ is __ capsules.”  The maximum beneficial dose will usually be higher, the frequency greater and/or the duration longer than a normal dosage, but not always.  The maximum beneficial dosage should always be determined when treating any infection. Successful muscle testing requires practice.  Not only to perfect the actual mechanics of the procedure, but also to gain an understanding of the proper questions to ask.  The more one practices, the more one will intuit the proper questions to pose.

Calibrating on the Scale of Energetics

Once the technique of muscle testing has been mastered, the world can be assessed in a much more specific, realistic way.  The uncertainty that is associated with having to simply guess at what is true, correct or positive or blindly believing in what has been seen, read or heard will be forever relegated to the past.  Prior to the introduction of the Scale of Energetics, kinesiology could only tell us if something was beneficial or detrimental to the body but not to what extent.  Although “stress tapping” a beneficial object (energetically strong on presentation) would reveal higher levels strength or hidden weakness, it is a cumbersome, arbitrary method. For those unfamiliar with stress tapping, it is a procedure to determine the intrinsic energetic strength of an object by tapping it with the fingers until the object tests weak. By doing so, it would give one some sense of the object’s relative strength.

By using the Scale of Energetics, one can instantaneously calibrate the precise energy level of any object such as a supplement, food item, liquid or person – to name just a few.  An ancillary benefit is that an object no longer has to be held in order to evaluate its energy field.  This affords tremendous flexibility and speed of testing.  One can test any object or person anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds with heretofore unparalleled accuracy.

The Scale of Energetics

500 – Life enhancing energy
200 – 499Life sustaining energy
1 – 199Life inhibiting energy

With the Scale of Energetics, one can also quickly assess one’s overall level of health or any specific body part.  Using the previous example, one could determine the liver’s exact energy level with this test statement:  “On the Scale of Energetics, my liver calibrates above 200, above 300, above 400″ and so on.  Any number on the scale can be chosen as a starting point and then move up or down depending on resulting responses.  By applying this calibration method to the body as a whole, one can instantly detect the effect of anything consumed, applied or encountered.  For example, one can calibrate the impact that a supplement, a television show, a song, a book or even this website has on the body.  Simply take a reading before exposure to an object or concept to establish a baseline and then another calibration subsequent to the exposure.  It will be discovered that everything in our environment impacts our energy fields including other people, albeit subtle and unnoticeable in most cases.

This section has explained and examined muscle testing of the physical aspects of life.  Applying kinesiology to the spiritual reality of our existence is considerably more important.  Dr. David Hawkins has been recognized as the foremost expert in the field of consciousness research for the past 40 years.  Again, it is vehemently recommended that any and all of his books are considered for the development of spiritual awareness and growth.

Summary:  The mind is incapable of determining the truth, but the body possesses this amazing gift when properly remediated.


  1. jimdd89 March 15, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    If this is all possible and muscle testing is as accurate as claimed in this article, why hasn’t anyone I know heard about it?

  2. Optimum Nutrition Admin March 16, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    The simply answer is ignorance. It is a basic fact that you and your acquaintances are not aware of every thing that exists. None of us are. Additionally, there are many people who have been exposed to the concept of muscle testing and have rejected its validity due to their lower level of consciousness or their paradigm blindness. Many people will never be able to comprehend applied kinesiology because it does not adhere to linear causality which is how the mind processes information or sensory inputs. As previously postulated, the mind cannot discern truth from falsehood, essence from appearance, reality from perception. Muscle testing requires that one set aside the limited and flawed capabilities of the mind, which most of us are unwilling to do.

  3. HaroldV. March 29, 2013 at 3:13 am

    I have been familiar with muscle testing for quite some time however I never thought it was valid because of inconsistent results. Based on what I have read in this article about certain inhibiting factors that can be potentially corrected, I have been stimulated into reevaluating my previous assessment. If it is true that consistent, reproducible muscle testing results can be achieved, it is the most significant discovery in human history.

  4. jonas.j July 22, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    I have a friend who can muscle test and it is just an amazing gift. He can tell you anything about someone, things he could not possibly know, and be 100% accurate all the time. I know the mechanics of muscle testing and have practiced the technique over and over but could never get correct results. Because of the article, I finally understand that I probably have one of the physical limitations that is preventing accurate testing. Great information and I’m excited to have my friend test to see which of the problems I have and hopefully fix it so I can start muscle testing.

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