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Avoid our expense, insane healthcare system by maintaining ideal health.

The Reality of Our Healthcare System

The body has the innate capability to heal itself of any health issue – if it has the time and resources to do so. In actuality, at the highest levels of consciousness, the higher Mind/Self can, on its own accord, eliminate all illness or disease without any external assistance. Unfortunately for most of us, our consciousness has not yet attained the level of spiritual awareness necessary to accomplish this task. Consequently, we must seek alternate methods and apply that which is appropriate for our current level of consciousness and our physical condition.

There are many healthcare disciplines that offer extremely valid and useful treatments, all of which can and should be applied in certain circumstances. Although it is always preferable to maintain optimum health through proper nutrition, there can arise unforeseen occurrences that will require the need for a more “traditional” solution. For example, if someone is in a severe car accident and hemorrhaging profusely from multiple contusions with compound fractions, there is no greater gift than to be rushed to an emergency room to be treated by a skilled surgeon. There is no information in this article that will replace that professional’s knowledge and experience which could save a life in such a crisis. However, in the absence of such an extreme emergency, surgery and pharmaceuticals are rarely the best course of action and should be considered as an absolute last resort.

All companies that sell a product or service never want the demand for their product or service to decline. The financial viability of any business or industry depends on ever increasing demand. The healthcare industry is no different. It is an industry that offers a wide array of products and services which relies on the demand created by illness to generate enormous amounts of revenue. If everyone remained healthy, the demand for their multitude of products and services would drop precipitously. The more illness and disease that exists, the more profits realized. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical equipment/supplies manufacturers and distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, and nurses depend on unhealthy people for their livelihood. This is not to imply that everyone involved in the healthcare field secretly hopes we are all stricken with some debilitating disease. However, it explains why the system is designed to treat or “manage” symptoms rather than eliminating the underlying cause or, more importantly, preventing the initial onset.

Standard healthcare practices are reactive in nature, as opposed to preventative. Diagnostic techniques and treatment methods are based on naïve linear causality research and testing and are aligned with catabolic (life-destructive) energy systems. Symptoms are allowed to manifest and then “diagnosed and treated” in order to suppress or mask them. This is why very few illnesses are cured and pharmaceutical protocols or surgeries result in so-called side effects. The suppressed symptoms of the unresolved problem simply resurface in a different form or part of the body. A perfect example of an ineffectual, ignorant medical practice is the treatment of gallstones. A patient who presents with frequent gallstone symptoms will most likely be subjected to a cholecystectomy. This surgery to remove the gallbladder, which is considered by most physicians as a nonessential organ, is one of the most common surgeries performed on adults in the United States. Not only was the root cause of the stones never identified and resolved; now the patient has a permanently compromised digestive system and has lost the ability to sleep normally (two of the gallbladder’s primary functions). Because the catalyst for the body’s production of gallstones was never addressed, symptoms will simply manifest elsewhere in some other form such as liver stones. Gallstones can easily be dissolved with a single supplement and the underlying cause eliminated with the appropriate adjustment of one’s daily diet. Incidentally, only the arrogance of man could define a human organ as useless. Most every treatment and diagnostic procedure prescribed by conventional medicine, be it surgery, pharmaceutical drugs or radiation, compromises and weakens the body thereby increasing susceptibility to illness and disease. Dr. David Hawkins accurately describes the state of our healthcare system as follows:

“Because of their inherent dishonesty, systems associated with very weak attractor (energy) fields are ineffective and become wasteful and cumbersome. Take, for example, the healthcare industry: It’s so overburdened with fear and regulation that it can barely function. The industry itself demonstrates how controlling attempts only become compounded into a burgeoning bureaucratic morass – complexity is costly, and systems are as weak and inefficient as the attitudes that underlie their construct. Healing from individual illness (or the healing of the healthcare industry itself) can only occur by the progressive steps of elevation of motive and abandonment of self-deception, so a new clarity of vision is attained. There aren’t any villains here; the fault is in the misalignment of the system itself.” (Hawkins, Power vs. Force, p. 221-222)

With the recent socialization of the healthcare industry by the federal government (ObamaCare), healthcare practices in the U.S. will continue their precipitous decline into ineffectiveness and mediocrity at an ever increasing rate with the likely outcome being absolute apathy, abject failure and total collapse. It has never been more imperative for each of us to seize control of our own health. The availability of effective, unconventional treatments to do so will also continue to decline as regulatory agencies expand the autocratic authority over our healthcare choices and decisions. Do not believe for a second that government agencies, such as the FDA, have the public’s well being as its primary concern. The sole agenda is to protect the revenue stream of large organizations such as the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association.

Selecting a Healthcare Practitioner

With the exception of radical situations that require immediate emergency treatment, such as the car accident example, muscle testing will allow a person to identify any health issue and determine the appropriate form of treatment (see Muscle Testing). However, if a particular health problem is believed to be beyond one’s ability to accurately diagnose and treat, muscle testing will also allow for the selection a qualified healthcare professional. Remember, the lower mind/self does not have the ability to discern truth from falsehood or essence from perception. Therefore, do not blindly follow prevailing socially accepted practices, treatments, opinions and teachings. Just because someone has MD or PhD attached to their name does not automatically establish them as a health expert; muscle test all information being presented and every individual being consulted. A so-called health professional who does not calibrate above 500 on the Scale of Energetics has no knowledge, information or ability that will be useful (see Scale of Energetics). Calibrating below 500 indicates that the person is incapable of maintaining their own health therefore it will be impossible for him or her to successfully diagnose and treat someone else.

If you are unable or unwilling to learn muscle testing, you should at least apply your observational skills when choosing a health practitioner. The adage “lead by example” should be applied to the assessment of any healthcare professional you may consult. Who would you believe is more knowledgeable regarding health – someone who is overweight, balding, has wrinkled, ashen skin and poor posture or a person who possesses a full head of hair, low body fat, good muscularity and bright, smooth skin? Do you really want to place your life in the hands of someone who appears unhealthy themselves? That would be equivalent to taking advice on how to quit drinking from an alcoholic! Bear in mind that basic common sense and observational assessments have limitations. Since one’s mind cannot differentiate perception from essence and life does not adhere to linear causality, a person who appears to be healthy could be seriously ill and lack any practical knowledge of health. Muscle testing is the only accurate method for determining truth.


  1. David December 21, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly! Traditional medicine, in this country, is all about money. Don’t cure anything, just keep people taking one drug after another. It is unethical as well as immoral.

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