Why Is There No Consensus?

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Why is there no consensus regarding proper hydration and what constitutes clean water?

What is clean water? Does my tap water contain harmful contaminants? What effects do contaminants have on my health? Is this bottled water pure? It would seem a simple matter to know the answers to these questions. Yet, there is no definitive consensus regarding these questions or any other health related issues for that matter. Why? Because the inherent structure and function of the human brain is incapable of differentiating truth from falsehood or essence from perception. Our minds rely on extremely limited cause and effect assessments. We all are simply guessing at what is beneficial for our bodies based on a subjective thought process that involves millions of contributory elements. Some of the most obvious factors that influence our opinions, beliefs, faith and other mental processes are age, gender, education, family dynamics, brain physiology, prior experience, training, language skills, IQ and psychological and intellectual expertise and capacity. These factors are dominated by the overall level of consciousness with which one is born, which is affected by our intentions, commitment, internalized goals and attention set. All these factors are further influenced by politicized cultural and societal presumptions that are accepted as ‘reality’ and intrinsic to social structure.

We all assess our world through the body’s sensory systems. By seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, we accumulate sensory inputs or data which the brain processes to formulate thoughts, opinions, beliefs, desires and perceptions which are combined with previous experiences (i.e. upbringing, education, social interactions, media exposure, etc.) to create our particular individual paradigms of life. All information received from parents, peers, educators, mass media, industry experts, clergy, government officials, scientists and researchers is filtered by the mind based on two criteria: 1) how the information correlates to one’s current set of beliefs and overall level of consciousness and 2) the perceived level of integrity of its source. The information is either accepted as truth, which will then alter or reinforce one’s prevailing belief systems, or it is rejected as fallacy.

Regardless of the mind’s final interpretation of the input, the process of assessing correctness, truthfulness and accuracy is completely arbitrary and has no basis in reality. Additionally, this same subjective process has also been employed by the very people (so-called experts) whose information we have used to establish our own paradigms. They have also chosen to believe certain inputs and disbelieve others as predicated on their previous assumptions, past experiences and current level of consciousness. The communication of these guesses (which are presented as fact) will become, at least in part, the basis of our beliefs which we will also accept and portray as fact. Again, we all are simply guessing as to what is right or wrong, true or false, good or bad, beneficial or detrimental – no matter how well informed or intelligent we consider ourselves to be.

This is why some people believe certain amounts of toxic substances have no measurable effects on the body, while others view the impact to be immediately injurious and increasingly so as toxins accumulate. No two people have the same set of beliefs which is why there is no subject about which all people can agree. The facts of today will be condemned as ignorant conjecture tomorrow. The earth is no longer viewed as flat because the essence of our beliefs, against which all new sensory inputs are evaluated, is constantly evolving. There are few, if any, beliefs that were commonly accepted as being unquestionably true a thousand years ago that have remained as such in today’s society. Most everything we will have assumed to be true during our lifetimes will have been modified to some degree before our deaths and will be completely dismissed as naiveté a thousand years from now. This is why some people believe low levels of one or many contaminants is harmless to the body while others feel they are the primary cause of aging and death. Some people have actually discovered the truth about the issues of contaminated water because they have been able to bypass the limited function of the brain through the use of applied kinesiology.


  1. blake April 30, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    I never really considered what is proposed in this post but it makes sense. We really don’t know anything, we just think we do. I’m excited to learn more about kinesiology.

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