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    The American Diet – Killing Us Slowly But Surely

    Junk food is killing us!The United States is experiencing a crisis of biblical proportions. It is effecting over 90% of its population yet the vast majority of us are completely unaware of its existence. The crisis? Severe malnutrition. Yes, in the richest country on the planet with an abundance of food available, nearly every one of its citizens is starving to death nutritionally. The reason? Ignorance. Yes, in a country as technologically, intellectually and socially advanced as ours, very few people including the so-called experts have even the slightest understanding of basic nutrition or its relationship to the health of the human body. So how could we, as a nation, be starving when nearly three quarters of the population is defined as being overweight or obese? Very simply, it is not how much we are eating but what we are eating. A person can literally gorge themselves into a stupor the entire day and not have consumed enough nutrition to successful complete just one push-up or sit-up without placing extreme stress on their body.

    The sources for relevant, accurate information on which we all depend (e.g. government, media, educational institutions, medical community, research institutions, businesses) have completely missed the mark regarding nutrition. In fact, most medical doctors routinely recommend extremely unhealthful diets and will vehemently argue against taking any type of nutritional supplementation. Our government is engaged in an all out war against the “alternative” health industry while sanctioning the consumption of extremely dangerous drugs, chemicals and genetically modified foods – many of which are even banned in third world countries. Scientists and researchers are constantly telling us that something is good for us one day and then life threatening the next. And, of course, a complicit media regurgitates these nonsensical studies, reports and findings without any alternative viewpoints or meaningful investigation. These organizations scoff at the assertion that malnutrition is the root of our most common and pervasive ailments and diseases. All this misinformation and disinformation is due to hidden agendas (some type of personal gain) and/or paradigm blindness (seeing unrealistic cause and effect relationships based on the misperceptions of personal belief systems). It is important to note that the medical community, pharmaceutical companies and government are not providing healthcare. The promotion and continuation of managed “sickcare” is the primary objective. Preserving health is only given lip service and few illnesses or diseases are ever cured. Symptoms are simply managed for as long as possible to ensure a constant revenue stream.

    There is a brilliant documentary entitled “Super Size Me” detailing the results of a month long experiment conducted by Morgan Spurlock. Mr. Spurlock used his own body to test the effects of a diet consisting exclusively of McDonald’s fast food. The self imposed conditions were to eat three meals each day for thirty days and to eat every menu item at least once within the thirty days. Prior to beginning the diet, Mr. Spurlock was given a thorough physical examination by three medical doctors – a general practitioner, a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist. Each determined his general health to be outstanding. He also consulted a licensed nutritionist and an exercise physiologist, the latter judging his fitness level to be above average. What the 34 year old Spurlock did not realize and certainly was not told by the physicians, nutritionist or physiologist was that he already possessed visible signs of malnutrition (e.g. double digit body fat, wrinkled skin, thinning hair). At the end of each examination, Mr. Spurlock questioned these “experts” as to what they believed the impact the all McDonald’s diet would have on his health. None anticipated any significant changes in his physiology with the possible exception of slight increases in triglycerides and cholesterol levels and some minor weight gain.

    Within just one week, Mr. Spurlock began experiencing serious physical and mental health issues. He felt tired, irritable and depressed, with quick mood swings. He had frequent severe abdominal spasms, vomiting, headaches and heart palpitations. Simple physical activities (walking, climbing stairs, sex, etc.) exhausted him quickly. Mr. Spurlock returned to the same healthcare professionals each week for reevaluation to track any measurable variations in vital signs and blood chemistry. Upon his first scheduled visit, he learned that he was gaining about a pound a day and the results from blood panels showed dangerous spikes in most every category accompanied by abnormally high blood pressure. After 18 days, the physicians were actually advising the immediate discontinuation of the experiment as they now believed liver failure, and even death, were a distinct possibility. They all were completely shocked at the rapid degradation of Mr. Spurlock’s body. Throughout the experiment, interviews were conducted with other experts and officials, all of whom focused on ancillary issues such as the type of fats consumed, the amount of calories consumed, the types of carbohydrates consumed and the quantity of food consumed. While all these factor into the overall health crisis, their discussion obfuscates the true nature of the problem. Anyone with a modicum of common sense, which apparently does not include healthcare professionals, knows that an all fast food diet would be unhealthy. However, very few people understand that the fatal mistake nearly all of us are making is much more basic. Most all of the food the average American consumes on a daily basis is nutritionally deficient, even those we currently perceive as being “healthy.”

    Most people do not realize that any food that has been heated or cooked has lost much of its nutritional value and has been rendered indigestible. Over time, daily consumption of cooked food will compromise the digestive system to the extent that the body becomes incapable of producing its own digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. This typically occurs in one’s 30s or 40s, for some much earlier, which is when most begin experiencing “the signs of aging” such as weight gain, hair loss, wrinkles, diminishing energy levels, joint pain and the like. However, this is not the body aging, it is simply succumbing to the burden of the continual intake of indigestible toxic food that is nutritionally deficient. Fortunately, the effects of this unhealthful lifestyle can be reversed and the earlier one institutes the necessary changes, the faster, easier and less expensive the process will be.

    One of the most important components to attaining ideal health, longevity and youthfulness is to eat food raw. Our bodies were not engineered to ingest cooked food, let alone all the processed junk we eat. If cooked/processed food continues to be the majority of a person’s diet, health problems will persist despite all efforts to avoid or correct them. We should only be consuming food that God created and in the form He created it. Raw food should be the primary source of life-giving nutrition. All fruits, vegetables and herbs should be the original, God created species and not a hybrid or genetically modified organism. All plants should be grown in nutrient-rich soil that is toxin free. Unfortunately, very little of the fruits, vegetables and herbs available to us today are in the form that God created. Due to pesticides, fertilizers, fumigation, GMO toxins and countless other contaminants, all raw produce, including organic, needs to be remediated. Even then, our bodies will require supplementation because there is no way of adding the missing nutrients due to mineral deficient soil, hybridization and incomplete growing cycles.

    Having established that the available food supply, even in its natural raw state, is already nutritionally weak and toxin laden; we further denature the nutrients by processing and/or cooking it. Heating any food above 109 F, plant or animal, destroys the live enzymes necessary for the food to be properly digested. Additionally, cooked and processed food, which is devoid of enzymes, requires an inordinate amount of hydrochloric acid to break down the fats and proteins. Over time, the body’s ability to produce hydrochloric acid (HCL) and digestive enzymes is exceeded by the demands placed on it. Without enzymes and sufficient HCL levels, even the best food cannot be properly digested nor can the body absorb the nutrients, particularly protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and B-12. HCL is also one of our body’s first lines of defense against microbes and parasites. Therefore, low HCL increases our exposure to these disease causing infections.

    by Raquel Anderson
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