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    Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL) is a manufacturer of excipient-free, “quantum-state” nutritional products used by leading practitioners in the United States and around the globe. QNL has been producing the most energetically powerful, nutritionally potent, live-source supplements in the world for over two decades. The breakthrough research, by founder and CEO Dr. Bob Marshall, that lead to the development of its superior product line involved the identification and evaluation of cellular resonance. In short, the outer membrane structure of every cell in the body is a unique, semi-crystalline matrix with its own ideal resonant frequency. In illness, this resonant frequency badly decays, like the sound of a beautiful symphony that has degenerated into a pitiful whimper. Dr. Marshall discovered that the cell’s ideal resonant frequency can only be regained and maintained by consuming nutrients that also possess ideal resonant frequencies. Thus Quantum Nutrition Labs was conceived to produce nutritional products of the highest efficacy, meticulously designed to deliver the “Quantum Nutrition Effect” through which ideal cellular resonance can be most rapidly restored. To learn more about QNL, Dr. Bob Marshall and its innovative manufacturing procedures, please review the articles listed below.