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  • About Dr. Bob Marshall

    Dr. Bob Marshall oversees the daily operations of Quantum Nutrition Labs and formulates all the health supplements.

    Founder of Premier Research Labs and Quantum Nutrition Labs, Dr. Bob Marshall is a certified, internationally trained clinical nutritionist, past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.  He is the host of HealthLine, a radio broadcast aired continuously since 1986, currently in over 15 states, and the author of many research papers and articles.  Dr. Marshall has operated one of the largest chronic illness practices in Southern California for many years.  Currently his main activities include overseeing Quantum Nutrition Labs’ manufacturing, as well as writing and teaching professional seminars.

    Dr. Bob Marshall maintains clinical facilities in Torrance, California and Round Rock, Texas, where he continues to test and refine new and existing formulations.  His companies, Quantum Nutrition Labs and Premier Research Labs, provide consumers and health professionals with full lines of nutritional, body care, and lifestyle products that work synergistically to achieve and keep great health.  Quantum Nutrition Labs and Premier Research Labs have clinically developed products by working together with medical doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and other health professionals to produce functional food/herb phytonutrient products that embody “Nutrition That Really Works.”  Dr. Marshall delivers uncompromising quality using unwavering standards of excellence to ensure extraordinary product purity.  He has developed, clinically tested and proven the effectiveness of each of its cutting edge nutritional formulas. Dr. Marshall’s mission is: “to empower every person to access their own limitless healing potential through the use of resonance nutraceutical formulations, spectacular detoxification techniques and premier therapeutic strategies.”

    Healthline Live is an exciting radio talk show that delivers cutting edge research on topics such as excitotoxins, immune system health, natural hormones, fatigue, skin health, digestion, PMS/menopause, joint health, rejuvenation and many others. Dr. Bob Marshall, PhD invites you to ask your health questions Monday through Friday from 2:30pm to 3pm PST and Saturday from 9am to 10am PST by calling in during the radio show at (888)588-7576. Call in “live” to ask your own nutrition and health-related questions on the air! Not sure which station he is on in your area? Download the Healthline Radio Show listing.

    Quantum Nutrition Labs' HealthLine Radio Show

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